Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't think they'll make it

But these guys still have some things to say worth listening to.

This week Barack Obama, the guy who claims to be protecting us form those Evil Wall Street bankers and speculators is hosting a fund raiser.  The invited guests to the 35,000 a plate diner in NYC of course are all those Evil Wall Street bankers and speculators.  Wonder if that's why he's in no hurry to stop the current round of oil speculation?  Former Congressman, Governor and Presidentual Hopeful Buddy Roemer

Herman Cain's up next, I like what the guy says, he's realistic and down to earth.  No BS, seems to say exactly what he thinks.  I'm not so sure he's the guy who can beat Obama. but I'll bet his nomination would scare the hell out of the democrats.

Then there's this guy.... I couldn't figure out what he had interesting to say.. let's just, well... I think I'll leave it up to you to figure out..


  1. Would love to see denny or even grayson run as an Indy. Wouldn't that frost barry and the gang?

  2. My bet is that would turn it into a four way race with the House ending up settling things.. the progressives would split with the Dems, and the TEA Party from the GOP


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