Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Gets Real Testy-Like During Tough Questioning

Afterwards the President made it clear, reporters aren't to question what he says

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And From the Drudge Report The outburst heard 'round the world

So it’s no surprise that Washington took notice when after a tense interview with a Texas TV reporter on Monday, Obama unclipped his microphone with no smile in sight, and tersely warned, “Let me finish my answers next time we do an interview, all right?”

The president of the United States was not happy. Obama had been corrected (he lost Texas by 12 points, not “a few,” in 2008), he was accused of punishing the state for political reasons (he denied that the White House had any part in the decision not to award a space shuttle to Houston), and he was challenged with the most basic of political questions: Why are you so unpopular in Texas?


  1. Man, I don't know whether it's stress or his inner communist coming out, but Obama's looking more & more like a Khmer Rouge aiming to fertilize a rice paddy with a few of his neighbors.

  2. Starting with reporters who ask questions he doesn't want asked..

    Drudge is reporting there was another incident that got buried.. If so it was buried well enough I couldn't find it.

  3. Many of the libs have gotten testy now that their lies and absolute incompetence has been exposed.Even snakes will lash out when cornered.

  4. You're right Marine, noticed that on another forum recently....

  5. I wonder what arlene spectacle is up to these days? He was another who was unable to maintain his composure during those Town Halls in 2009. Why even babs admonised a General for calling her Ma'am. My they are thin skinned.

  6. I figure that after Arlene complimented that audience of Democrats for being such good Republicans... they sent him to a retirement home... an old farm in Georgia where he'd be with someone he might recoognize.


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