Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Education Reform: I am a NUT

If you question education reform efforts, the replies from legislators and educrats are often the same:

I don't know.

We'll fix it later.

It's going to be expensive.

We have a crisis.

We can't compete
 If you persist in questions, you get these responses:

You prefer the status quo.

You are a skeptic.

You believe in conspiracies.

You are an enemy of education reform.

I declare to the world that I am a NUT and a follower of the NUT principles of Stephen Krashen. The No Unnecessary Testing (NUT) principle, first proposed in 2008, avoids the $4.5 billion investment in new standards and testing. It cuts back testing rather than adding more.

"Every minute testing and doing "test preparation" (activities to boost scores on tests that do not involve genuine learning) is stolen from students' lives, in addition to costing money that we cannot afford these days."

There are already indications from those charged with publishing tests that they do not have sufficient funds, time, or resources to meet the expectations.

NUT should be a movement.

Posted for Sandra in Brevard
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**********Grumpy Note**********

Happened to see this tweet yesterday on another website, someone likes Sandra's idea, the link goes back to Grumpy Educators

Stages of teacher reaction to Common Core Standards: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression. . . Let's skip "Acceptance" & move to RESISTANCE 6 hours ago

Do something positive. Become a NUT. Start a NUT group.




    Reference for the expressed concerns from those charged with creating the new generation of assessments - time, money, and technological resources to meet the high expectations. Now this comes out?

  2. If the Technology isn't complete,
    if there isn't time to make it work
    if there isn't money to do it
    if there is a Consitutional Privicy Issue
    if there is a Constitutional States Rights issue
    if we don't don't know it will will work

    WTF are we playing with it

  3. "I don't know"
    "We'll fix it later."
    "You prefer the status quo."

    Asking me? It is an expensive solution looking for a problem.

  4. You may be nuts but they're crazy.


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