Monday, April 11, 2011

Neuro Obstetrics Responsive Mental Acuity Lab

Researchers at John Hopkins Medical Center have released a report that every parent should be aware of.  The researchers studied 2500 children from birth through age 18.  The study included diet, exercise, and interaction with others. 

The children represented a broad spectrum demographics to include economic and racial classes. For the first time ever this study included participation by the parent(s) to determine the amount of influence they had on the performance of the children during the tests. 

As with all studies the one at John Hopkins bears the usual medical type language. Titled the Neuro Obstetrics Responsive Mental Acuity Lab, they were able to identify an ancient form of childhood illness.  The study suggests that children suffering from this malady are often discriminated against by government and society in general.

The disease is characterized by...

1. Being playful and full of energy.

2. Eating unusual foods at odd times of the day.

3. Reading Books

4. Using their imagination

5. Paying attention in school

6. Obeying rules.

These children were found to be happy, energetic, but able to understand what rules were. 

Sadly there is no society for NORMAL children....there will be no cry from the Politicians or School Administration to view NORMAL as a problem.  NORMAL kids are ignored...with much more time spent on those that suffer from other misdiagnoses.

The Cosmic Chili strikes again.

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