Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boehner Cave

I know why I'm serious.  What I don't know is
why the  folks in Washington, DC aren't...

Super heroes aren't cut from the same cloth they used to be.  Back in the day, Superman didn't die, Bat Man couldn't really fly, and guys like John Boehner, well, they didn't cry. 

But I guess that's the crux of it - John Boehner-R, OH, isn't a Super Hero any more than the other two cartoon-spawned versions were.  And based upon last Friday evening's performance as Speaker of the House, I don't think Mr. Boehner would be a good side-kick, let alone a part-time 'walker' for Under Dog.

"Okay, who put the dog in front of President Obama's
head on Mount Rushmore???"

  • Perhaps my expectations were too high? 
  • Perhaps believing that words 'matter' blurred my judgement? 
  • Or, perhaps, my favorite saying, "Say what you mean and mean what you say," set an un-obtainable goal for our fearful Speaker of the House?

I dunno which applies, but what I do know is that shaving less than 2% off the 'year's-already-half-over' 2011 FY budget DEFICIT (not the budget - the D-E-F-I-C-I-T!) isn't such a big deal.  

Yes, I REMEMBER when $38 Billion seemed like a lot of money, but just lately, folks, sorry, it's not more than a 'rounding error' at the G.A.O.

[Attention-Deficit Alert in 3, 2, 1:  WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 1, 2010) — Gene L. Dodaro, Acting Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), today welcomed the announcement that GAO has again been rated number two among the best places to work in the federal government.  Moos Note:  Yes, the GAO has always seemed to me, to be, 'Number 2', also...]

Oh, yeah, and John Boehner and these 'Evil Republicans' committed to US that they were going to KILL women by de-funding Planned Parenthood in DC!  (This, of course, courtesy of Representative Louise Slaughter, -D, NY, winner of last week's, "Wile E. Cayote's Anvil of Reason" award gifted to her by the Baltimore Sun.  You can read more about it HERE.) 

Two final words about Rep. Slaughter...  I'm sorry.   (Although, that might be 'three words')

I'm sorry that I live in a state where representatives who claim Republicans are 'murderers' AND 'Nazis' continue to get elected on the Democratic ticket.  I could mention Charlie Rangel, -D, NY, Anthony Weiner-D, NY, or Chuck Schumer-D, NY, as the other 'usual suspects' but, like the clip above says, "Why so serious?"

If the head of the Party running the House of Representatives isn't serious about this stuff? 

Why should I be?

It's not like we have any pressing issues facing our Nation, right?
  • Deficit Spending (with money borrowed from foreign nations)
  • Monetization of the Debt by the Fed
  • Unemployment
  • Housing foreclosures
  • Pending bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare
  • Three 'Kinetic Military Actions' simultaneously putting our troops in harm's way
  • 50% of all Americans receiving some sort of Federal / State 'Assistance'
  • Energy dependence upon countries who - are not our 'friends'
  • A justice department which will not prosecute hate crimes because the crimes were perpetrated against 'Whites' and not 'Minorities'
And neither Party wants to face down the issues as each takes turns kicking the can further down the road.  I've got news for you - we're getting to a point where somebody's CAN definitely needs to be kicked, regardless of whether they have a -R, or a -D after their name.

I've long heard the expression that, "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions," folks, let me ask you this, with what's going on in DC lately - you SEE any 'good intentions'?  All I see is nastiness, one-up-manship, and hearty games of 'political self-preservation'. 

And even the 'Good Guys' (I normally call them Republicans) FAIL to stick to the commitments which got them into power.  Mr. Boehner, the "We're only one-half of one-third of government" line may be a nice sound-byte for the 'We want Republicans to fail' media, but dude, you OWN the purse-strings of this government. 

YOU must set the budget and chart the course for its financial future.  If you cannot, please, feel free, take some time off, and let someone else do the heavy lifting in your place.  

I can excuse someone who tries and fails - but I cannot excuse is someone who fails to try. [Feel free to write this down - then send me $1 whenever you use it]

In the end, John Boehner caved with a $38 Billion 'Down Payment' on Republican commitments, Planned Parenthood kept its funding, and the Speaker has yet to face FY 2012 budget debates. 

The bad news is that Mr. Boehner has been tested, he has been weighed, and he has been found to be... 


Cowboy up pardner, or get out of the way.

We need some 'old time political religion' and John Boehner's singing out of the other team's Hymnal.

The title of the following video from John Boehner's website:  "Job Growth Threatened If Washington Fails to Make Real Spending Cuts" 
[Pssst, Mr. Boehner, by this definition (from your http://www.speaker.gov/ website), you HAVE failed]   

The folks at the Washington Examiner posted a much more coherent explanation of this on their site - you can link to it HERE


  1. Something in the water in that town....., I'm serious. Some disticular testicular molecular neuralizer neutralizer disease called Iwannabeatosis. Boehner's got the bug, now he needs the cure, take a shot of "What would Reagan do" and call me never.

  2. To bad there isn't a way to fire every single one of them. Now they will be bumping Richards to take credit. Credit my rosy red butt. BLAME. I blame every one of them.

  3. Guess they figure most people can't understand big numbers.. is a lot of money. Until you compare it to 4,000,000,000,000.00. Then it's not even a tank of gas for a small car.

  4. It's as simple as "the sky will not fall if we do the right thing here"--Ronald Reagan. Every time anyone wants to cut the budget the democrats act like the world is going to end, somebody's going to starve to death, or, worse yet, start voting Republican. How about lets eliminate the deficit along with a myriad of government regulations and watch the free market marginalize the democrats scare tactics.

  5. Oh that pic of the joker is scary. Reminds me of all those bots in 2008. Thank God that fad seems to have run its course.


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