Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Hamas Rockets Fired into Israel

As of 1:30 PM today EST the total over the last few days reaches 70

From the Jeruselem Post

Six Gaza rockets fired at Ashkelon, western Negev

By JPOST.COM STAFF   04/09/2011 17:40

Total number of rockets, mortars launched from Gaza into Israel rises to over 70; Iron Dome intercepts 1 more missile; 15 Grads fired overnight; Hamas commander killed in IDF strike on Gaza.

Over five rockets were fired Saturday afternoon from Gaza towards Ashkelon and the western Negev. No injuries were reported.

One rocket exploded in an industrial area south of Ashkelon, and another exploded near a town in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. Another three rockets fell in open areas

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From Ron Yisrael

I give you here another link of Jerusalempost, in English of course. wait a minute, after that you open a link, and you'll see an update, in a window upstairs. It changes and updates. But in the links that I sent to everyone before,, you make fresh. If not, it does refresh itself every few minutes. Most of the news there, are from Israel. I take the e-mail your. I'm glad that I will have. LINK JP -- HAMAS -- Last hour update only. Automatic -- -- Israel News Updated every hour automatically.

Please note, there are reporters, they give more to the side of the Arabs. That is, they blame Israel. If not, the Arabs deport them or stop them .. So there are many lies with defamation. The same video articles. To an article about the video, you will easily see it on the page.

Our thanks to poster RonYisrael, who sent us these links from Israel

Update From Ron

Iron Dome does it again; Gaza rockets intercepted

Watch exclusive video: IDF's first-of-its kind anti-rocket system intercepts missile fired at Ashkelon. Assault on southern Israel continues Saturday, local communities under heavy fire as dozens of rockets, mortar shells hit area. Alert level in south raised to 3 out of 4, just short of wartime deployment

Read the rest;  Tova Dadon Latest Update: 04.09.11, 21:58 / Israel News



  1. Personally, I think we should expand the No Fly Zone. Not as if Hamas would be considered Collateral Damage.

  2. Not sure if we'd help or get in the way, the Israelis do a fair job on their own

  3. Israel can do most if it long as they know we have their back...However with what'shisname in charge...they need to step it up a bit.

  4. Captain... in '67 I spent a week, "Not on Alert" but no one leaves the barracks except to got to work... A friend of mine who wasn't on alert spent the week sleeping in his jeep in the belly of a cargo plane..

    To this day I think we'd have gotten in the way, if we'd been on alert..

  5. Earthquakes, Wars and Rumors of Wars.

    It is written how it will end. I am not a Jew but i think we are safe as long as God's Chosen People have our back!

    I just wished I could say the same about our leaders.


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