Saturday, April 9, 2011

All is well that ends

However it ends,

For the moment it seems a budget deal should have been resolved last year is finially on the books.  After all the talks threats and posturing, overall Government spending was reduced an incredible one percent

At least we won't have troops in combat, stuck thousands of miles from home, knowing the government isn't going to be paying them, and wondering if there's money to feed their kids.  Service members should have been designated as essentail personel to begin with.  They were not.  A bill was introduced to make sure they got paid, in the event of a shut down. it was defeated..

There is a law agaist Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.  The penalties for breaking that law are severe.  Every member of Congress who voted against the military getting paid in the event of a shutdown, violated that law.  Budget battles will happpen again, the Government will be faced with a shutdown sometime again in the future.

Action needs to be taken that will insure that not paying our service men and women during time of war is an option no elected official will ever again consider.

When it was over with, here's what the jackasses had to say for themselves

Boehner: Deal has been reached

You can see the video of Obama's Speech here;

I'm not sure why, I couldn't get both the Boehner and Obama to embed on the same page


  1. If I understand this is a one week bridge to a final resolution. It ain't quite over yet. Serviceman and women and their families should not have had to worry, nor should they worry now about their pay arriving on time. I hope the bill that is to be voted on maintains the language that was reported ensuring this pay will not be affected by shutdowns in the future. I would like to see that legislators pay stops for every day they fail to do their jobs.

  2. Sandra,

    Most Members of Congress aren't dependent on their paycheck for basic survivial the way military families are. It's tough to raise a couple kids on two grand or twenty-five hundred a month.

    Those folks can't just quit if they don't get paid... If they try they can go to prison..

    A better idea might be to allow the troops to go home if they don't get paid. Replace them with people that do... Starting with the President, Members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, czars department heads and congressional staffers.

  3. Too little too late. This ship is taking on way too much water.

  4. Hmmm, 220+ billion in the hole for February alone. 38 billion in cuts through September seems like a pittance.

  5. Yeah Marine roughly one percent, they lose more then that in wasted paper, and ball point pens people accidently take home....

    Come to think of it they could probably offset that if they make employess bring their own toilet paper.. to work

  6. Unless he starts another war without telling Congress first... then it might be less

  7. I wonder how much we could save by cutting pay and perks for Congress, the President, and all their aides/czars. Before they cut a nickel from SS or Medicare, they need to change their own retirement and health packages.


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