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Roni Yisreal

In recent days, the Palestinian fire from Gaza into Israel.

From then until today.  This morning, until now, Hamas fired about 60 shells. Most of them walked toward an open area. Missiles that were oriented to manned space,: Iron Dome system, hit them in the air. Until now there is a 100 percent success in the Israeli system, an interceptor missile, and it gives confidence to the residents. But no - it should be the real answer.

The government of Israel well understands, that this is not the answer. There is no country in the world, that can accept a situation, that organization or armed groups, shelled the area. They have missiles that can reach up to the outskirts of Tel - Aviv.

To the army has the means, to deal with terrorism. But we understand that the war of the Arabs is, [fought] through the media. You'll be surprised if I tell you, from wonderful precision of an Israeli tank shell. Shell is GPS guided.

So how were Arab citizens ? shell, it's not him that was wrong. He was not with a thought. He knows that from there [where], just out, to a precision of several centimeters away, the terrorist shot. But they [terrorists] are shooting from the house of civilians, the comfortable space as a space for terrorism. Supposedly nice and a good [safe] platform for terrorism.

It puts all the army in a dilemma. The method of terrorism, say, if there is one house with a baby, and a second home is empty, then go - to a house that has a baby name, the media will love you, if the army will hit on a baby, and suddenly also have the option, that's why, to tell to The whole world, that the people of Israel removed all the people, and they stole that land of the Arabs.

That if you as a terrorist is; I'm going to die, so what does it matter if the baby also died,? The world will say, Israel is such, and you will win.

I try to give you a little understanding, what is a terrorist, it's something that has to hide from the area that is dangerous on the surface. And in the last twenty-four hours, they fired on Israel once more than 120 types of missiles and mortars. Shame them if they are human
Hamas urges Israel in rare direct appeal to halt attacks on Gaza By Haaretz Service, The Associated Press and Reuters
Palestinian official says militant groups agree to Arab/UN proposal for cease-fire; Netanyahu: Response will be 'most harsh' if rocket attacks continue
A senior Hamas official on Sunday made a rare direct appeal to the Israeli public to halt the current round of cross-border fighting, after a weekend of deadly violence left 19 Palestinians dead.
"We are interested in calm but want the Israeli military to stop its operations," Hamas Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad said in an interview on Israel Radio, adding that the group would cease its rocket attacks if Israel halted its military operations against Gaza militants.
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Masked Palestinian militants from various groups, including the Islamic Hamas movement, attend a press conference in Gaza City on April 3, 2011.



Prayers Requested for School Bus Missile Victim

The family of 16-year-old Daniel Viflic is asking the public to pray for their son.

Daniel was critically wounded last week when Gaza terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the school bus he was riding in near Kibbutz Sa'ad.

He is now fighting for his life, in critical condition, at Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical Center with extensive wounds throughout his body, particularly to his head.

“Unfortunately I do not have good news. His condition is not good and not improving,” Soroka's Professor Shaul Sofer, told Channel 2 television on Sunday afternoon. “We are not accustomed to using this terminology, but he has suffered a mortal wound. We are still hopeful, but are being very realistic


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