Friday, April 1, 2011

Bot Blocker

A recent attack by a hate spewing spammer has led to the bot blocker, word puzzles to be activated.... It's impossible to tell if this one's a bot or a real human.  For the time being you will need to solve a word puzzle in-order to comment.

Sorry for the inconvience...

Host Name

IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country United States
I don't care what you spam, I've told you before your comments will be removed


  1. No problem Grumpy. I certainly understand

  2. Almost 50 comments from it today, 90 over the last three days.. this slows it down..

    BTW, did you hear Obama secretly accepted an award for the Transparency of his Administration.

    Politico found out about it

  3. I giggled over that one. Transparent as concrete.

  4. What is transparent is that he and his Secretary of Education have totally different education policies.

  5. BTW; Our Obamabot is trying to convince FT Members YM and I are the same person, poor SOB doesn't know how lucky he is we're not

  6. You know I love ya Grump but Mary is a lot prettier. LOL

  7. Captain, thankfully for Mary's sake, you and Fishy are both right.

  8. Not so sure. The varmint seems to think I find Grumpy attractive. However, anyone who has Mary's smarts on a computer is down right beautiful.

  9. I kinda like the new bear photo.

  10. "edit your freedom to get inline with our extreme racist minority views that are being recalled by the voters as we speak"
    Anon, go back to your mommy, or did she throw you out, I notice earlier you hadn't commented there today..

    You're out of here... I don't put up with your kind of Hate Filled BS

  11. Most of America is drinking tea these days.

  12. I'll take mine with a shot of brandy

  13. Just saw my first 2012 Obama sticker. It doesn't say his name, just the year 2012 with the stupid logo placed aptly in the ZERO of the 2012.

    I'm guessing the marketing geniuses where trying to send a subliminal message to only the dopes that voted for him last time and not irritating anyone by mentioning his name. How about; "Forget the Name, Just Vote the Same". Oddly enough, the car that it was on was a $500 piece driven by a real WINNER, Duh!


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