Monday, April 4, 2011

Boots on the Ground PART 2

Seems the rebels are getting some training from special forces.

US and Egyptian special forces have reportedly been providing covert training to rebel fighters in the battle for Libya, Al Jazeera has been told.

An unnamed rebel source related how he had undergone training in military techniques at a "secret facility" in eastern Libya.  He told our correspondent Laurence Lee, reporting from the rebel-stronghold of Benghazi, that he was sent to fire Katyusha rockets but was given a simple, unguided version of the rocket instead.

"He told us that on Thursday night a new shipment of Katyusha rockets had been sent into eastern Libya from Egypt. He didn't say they were sourced from Egypt, but that was their route through," our correspondent said.

"He said these were state-of-the-art, heat-seeking rockets and that they needed to be trained on how to use them, which was one of the things the American and Egyptian special forces were there to do."

The intriguing development raises several questions, about Egypt's private involvement and what the arms embargo exactly means, said our correspondent.

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  1. Vietnam started with a few advisors.. Thensome got killed and we had to protect the advisors, that meant more advisors needed to be sent.. at some point we went from advising to fighting the war ourselves.

    Obama said no boots on the ground, before we call him a liar, are the advisers wearing sneakers?

  2. We also had some boots on the ground to extract that downed pilot. Some who are into SciFi may argue that we beamed him up, but I know better.

  3. Kinda reminds me of I didn't not have sex with that woman. Now all the high school kids think that kind of "sex" isn't real sex.

    I wish the President and all of the idiots on Capital hill would pay more attention to what is going on here.

    Everyone is talking about the price of gas but have any of you price food lately. WTH everything is up. Even my husband noticed.

  4. They reported one of the downed pilots was reported doing well in American Hands but refused to say where he was..

    I guess we have a good idea who he was with now.

    If true, this exceeds the UN Resolution a lot

  5. Grumpy thanks for dressing up my post. :)

  6. Fishy, everything we use depends on oil for transportation.. It all moves by truck at one time or another. Fertilizers and plastics are petroleum based.

    An increase in oil prices affects everything from the cost of an ear of corn to the vinyl siding on peoples houses.

  7. Grumpy - As does use of that corn to produce Ethanol.

  8. My FIL owns lots of farm land in Iowa. They farm corn and soybeans. I know he (us) is getting wealthier by the minute. Hard to speak bad of ethanol but I hate the crap. Gums up all of our small engines and makes my gas mileage go down.

    Yes Grumpy I know it is mostly the price of oil, but weather in parts of the country also contributed to produce prices.

  9. Fishy - Perhaps when that AGI is in full swing we will have 2 complete growing seasons in the fertile upper midwest.

  10. Maybe USMC, but they just had the worst winter since the 1950's.

  11. Same here in TN. My teacher wife and daughter had 12 snow days.

  12. It is unfortunate all around that our gov spends so much time looking out for the rights of those in other countries while trampling upon the rights of Americans.

    And why are we training those who will turn on us in a New York minute?

    Suicide is fatal, always has been.

  13. It is unfortunate all around that our gov spends so much time looking out for the rights of those in other countries while trampling upon the rights of Americans
    Only specially selected countries...

    He rushed to carry out a UN Resolution on Libya, calling it a mandate and a humanitarian crisis. At the same time he's ignorning the humanitatian crisis on the Ivory Coast, and the UN Forces that are getting their butts kicks.


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