Friday, March 11, 2011

Senator Paula Dockery takes on Senator Wise

And Wise loses....

Paula Dockery asked Wise a few simple questions about the cost of his Education Bill SB 736 on the Senate Floor yesterday before the vote.  Wise rambled, babbled, evaded, dodged,  made a jackass out of himself and never came close to answering Dockery's questions.  Wise's bill calls for teacher evaluation.  By the time he was done with his non explanation of costs I was convinced he was more in need of an evaluation than the teachers, and for a diffeent reason..

As far as I know only one video exists of the exchange.   That video produced by Tom Whatley, a retired detective.  I experienced some technical difficulties trying to post it on Grumpy, I'm not sure at the moment if they can be resolved.  The video is currently on the facebook wall of an organization called  Testing Is Not Teaching.  I'm not sure how well this will work, but for the time being try going to!/testingisnotteaching?sk=wall

Make sure you're looking at their wall, scroll down untill you get to the post by Tom Whatley with a video. 

Sit back and watch Wise make a complete fool out of himself avoiding Dockery's questions.

It is now necessary to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Older Posts to find the video


  1. The link works..

    It's also disturbing that after listening to Wise's babbling the Senate passed his Bill

  2. Wsa this guy a used car salesman?

  3. Madpole.. You're going to give used car salesman a bad name

  4. Why did the Senate pass the bill?

  5. Got Me Anonymous... speaks volumns about who needs to be evaluated. If they could pass it after listening to Wise, there's either something wrong with the water in Tally, or they're drinking someting besides water.

  6. Obviously the rest of the senate was not listening to the exchange. Perhaps they were "out to lunch".

  7. Tea Party was last year's fad. The so-called TP'ers that meet with Scott, cheering his speed rail decision, have gone Mainstream Politics. They are looking the other way on this one.

  8. HSR is another conversation. Most of the TEA Parties I know are listening to the teachers cry about how their being abused, teacher have been doing that decades. From the GOP Machine they're hearing that the only reason the teachers are screaming is to cover their incompetence.,

    Neither side is telling the entire story.

    Every-time the TEA Parties read the comments in a newspaper forum they hear teachers calling them fascists, neanderthals and a bunch of other choice names. That makes it easy for them to believe the Tally GOP

    Paula Dockery may be the only influential person in the state trying to explain things objectively, in a way taxpayers (including the 48% who lean TEA Party) will understand.


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