Sunday, February 13, 2011

YM on FduhT asked "Who designed this Crap" , the lady has a point.

One of the reasons I started Grumpy last summer was because I saw changes in the Gannett system I didn't like.  At the time The Tallahassee Democrat and two other Gannet sites had gone pay-wall.  It looked like they were going to push the idea system wide.   By then I'd visited Florida Today's offices in Melbourne a couple times.  Beautiful building, but there were a lot of empty desks.  I found a website called Gannetoid, a place where Gannett employees talk to each other about their employer.  Then and now, layoffs were the biggest topic of conversation,  There's also some talk about Gannett outsourcing positions to cut costs.  I have no way to confirm the outsourcing, it could be nothing more than talk, but it's being discussed,  . 

We've now all had a taste of what appears to be Gannett's latest cost cutting gimmick. So far, besides the praise Gannett Employees are giving the (hehehehe ) New and Improved format I haven't heard many people with anything at all nice to say about it,  On ForiduhToday, Yugo Mary said what most of us are thinking, and she managed to say it politely, well almost, she did better than I would have...

I've posted with Yugo Mary on Florida Today for a long time now, she understands the Internet, Florida Today, Gannett and the Newspaper Industry better than I ever will.  She happens to be a little opinionated, I can't say for sure, but I think her site,  FloriduhToday will have more to say about Gannett's latest fiasco, if so I can guarantee it will be insightful and worth reading.  
Who designed this crap?!?

The new comments software is truly idiotic. When replying to a post your reply remains with the original post -- it is not bumped to the top of the list (as has always been the case). This means that you must continually check your previous posts (most likely on previous pages) for replies. This also means that readers who wish to read all the comments must also continually check previous posts for any new replies.

And just to make things even more fun, the idiots make you ask to see the replies. WTF? Why would I not want to read the replies? Why would the default be to hide them?

Bottom line: Comments on an active thread become impossible to follow. And I'll be damned if I'm going to constantly re-read hundreds of comments just to find the latest replies (which I consider to be just as important as the original comments).

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but to me the comments are often more informative than the articles itself.  The article triggers the conversation, but the article is always slanted to try and lead readers to whatever opinion the author is trying to sell.  The comments tell what real people are thinking and why.  Commenter's add information and references that allow people to do their own reaseach and reach their own conclusions.  Sure you get a few idiots on the busy threads, we all need a laugh, they help us out.  Sometimes you get an obnoxious poster, but so what, as far as I'm concerned the comments are almost always more informative than the story.

This morning I went to review a comment I'd made to Imoonly,  a long time, close Florida Today friend, and someone who's friendship I value.  I found out that somehow, according to FT's computer, I'd decided to ignore her.  I know I didn't touch the damned Ignore Switch.  They had an ignore switch on the General Discussion Forums before the changes,  I've never touched the fool thing.  I don't need to make a production out of not reading posts from people I don't agree with,  Who cares?  I sure as hell wouldn't use against someone I like and respect

Another thing; I'm not liking the pressure to log-in through on of the big Social Media Sites, I can only think of one valid reason for that;  Facebook, Myspace and the rest are in the business of Data Mining their members for information advertisers are willing to pay for, System Wide Gannett has tens of thousands of active members.  Is it possible they're trying to supplement falling revenues by giving the Data Miners easy access to to members thoughts?   For the moment I'd suggest you log in the old fashioned way.  There might be another reason.  According to an article I first saw on the website,  Real Americans Defend Israel, The Department of Homeland Security Wants to Friend You? The department of Homeland Security has taken an interest in what we say and post on the Social Media Sites....little extension of Patriot Act Authority?  I can't say, but I'm going to stick with logging in the Old fashioned way.

Back in the beginning of this blog I said one of the reasons I set up Grumpy was because Gannett, was having some issues and I expected the solutions they'd invent wouldn't be all that Member Friendly,,  It didn't happen exactly the way I thought it would, but it's close enough. 

Those of you that like to comment on other folks opinions are more than welcome to do so right here on Grumpy.  Every day a couple Grumpy Members express their views in an original blog.  They like to know what you think about what they think..  I also like to post other peoples blogs from time to time..  If you'd like to post a blog, let me know.  Grumpy could still use a few new Regular Member Bloggers, people who can write reasonably well, would like to write about a variety of things an want the freedom to post their opinions when they want,someplace people will read them.

I've also decided to use one of my other sites, Grumpy News Forums,  to post National and International News Stories.  Regular Grumpy members will post links to breaking news reports from around the world, Within the next few days the site should be able to handle at least 10 different threads at any given time. 

There is no Grumpy registration requirement to comment, it's easier to comment it you use a gmail address.  Folks with a gmail address will be able to post with the same screen name and avatar they use now on Gannett websites.  If you don't have a gmail address, just post as Anonymous.. just  please include your screen name as part of your comment.

One other thing, i think you'll find the moderators easier to get along with that the Pluck Moderators we've come to know and hate on he Gannett sites..


  1. I have enjoyed the comments section of FLT over the last year. This new format makes it very hard to follow the comments. After Grumpy, the first site I check is Mary's. I would hate to loose that bit of humor I get every morning. Hell if you don't have Clyde, BWBS, and pappleways with all his nics to laugh at then might as well clean the toilets. I hope Floriduh Today survives this and I shall be checking Grumpy more often.

    Mary, if I can be of any help please don't hesitate to let me know. I find myself retired again and I feel I should be earning my unemployment. :)

  2. Fishy... BWBS I can handle, Claude and pappas are another story. Unlike Antaganist or loute free where the answer is a simple as the spam can.. I might have to pay Mary to deal with those two..

    Wouldn't mind , Mike Hammer, flafn, dogmeat, Floridaman or even 4J.. They show signs of intellegence from time to time. 4J might need a course in manners to post here.. Would be nice to ask Floridaman what he actually thinks.. as opposed to having him just post links that support Democrat's talking points.

    I'd like to see more of Aquagrump and Whatanidiot. Gring's actually fairly bright, Soxy and LadyM I've met in person, great people.. broken compasses.

  3. Newspapers have become...well...yesterday's news. Of course Radio and later TV posed a threat to newspapers with the speed at which they could get the news out to the public.

    The Internet and other communications methods are putting news in your hand as quickly as it can be reported...of course this does result in misinformation from time to time.

    In the past the Newspapers could say that they specialized in the local news often missed by radio and TV. Even the internet was free of local news.

    All media outlets have been suffering from scandals, and this has hurt their credibility. Newspapers have been especially hard hit. Journalists are not viewed in the same way anymore.

    If Walter Cronkite said "That's the way it is.." then for most people..that was how it was. When the talking head says this is the way it is..we do not trust them. They have lied one too many times..and they were exposed by the thousands of bloggers on the Internet.

    Most bloggers are horrible writers...they are probably no more trustworthy than your big media outlet.

    As with any news it is incumbent on the reader to use critical thinking, and investigate the claims made.

    As advertisers learn the power of internet advertising newspapers will slowly disappear. Just like the Town Crier of ages past...they will no longer be able to keep up with the people.

  4. I agree with Captain...what you read in a blog post is no more reliable than the viral emails telling folks what's what. Sad comment on the condition of journalism. Some find an entertainment factor in commenting. I have learned a thing or two from comments, but not much more.

    Grumpy - Will your Forum welcome mat extend to all and or just some?

  5. Captian, by the tie you factor printing and postage it costs at lest half a buck to get one a real basic advertisement into someones mail box. The cost is pennies to put the same envelope (picture with a link) onto someone's computer screen. either way, most of the time the envelope will never be opened,

    For the advertiser, a website is pretty much a one time expense with a cost spead over thousands or even millions of visits.

    Newspaper advertisements require a set up and approvals for each individual advertisment ures. Layout, design and proof, all cost money ad n the cost of paper, ink and delivery, you're back up to a lot of money per delivered and actually read advertisement.

    If you realize after the fact your websie has a wrong advertised price on an item.. it's fixed in minutes.. If you have the wrong price published in a newspaper ad.. 100,000 people have it in writing and in their hand, You either lose money, or customers out of the deal.

    Realistically website advertising is not just a good deal, it's underpriced when compared to other deliver methods.


    I know I'm a terrible writer. that's why I cosider myself luckier than hell to be surround by talent like yours and Gina's.. And writers like Moos.. and the absolutly fair and balanced reporting Sandra brings to the site.

    While I was in the hospital I was reminded why I don't use Cable Media as a primary source of news.. Didn't much matter if it was FOX or MSNBC reporting on something, they've gone beyond slanting or putting a little personal opinion into a story, way beyond.

    By comparison, last night a super liberal FT poster who I never agree with complimented me on keeping the news on Grumpy fair and honest.

  6. DFTTS, Outside of people with real bad manners, it's an open invitation. Debating politics with people who agree with everything you say gets boring. I want to see open and sometimes a little loud discussions.

    I won't allow race baiting, name calling, obcenity, profanity, threats or spamming.. I'll probably ignore an occasssional "Bad" word here and there.. but I won't let it get excessive. Outside of that, have fun

  7. MARY, your site is great. FLT could take a lesson from you. Congrats. BTW I read the article about Google. Very interesting.

  8. I have two thoughts on the forced changes with FT and many Gannett publications. The first would be consolidation of services to cut costs. We all know how print media has been hurting. The other is strictly Political. In the early days of barry wanderlust, change, and deception, the libs owned the Threads. We Conservative common sense types were outnumbered by at least a 3 to one margin. We were being ridiculed and maligned on virtually all columns, editorials, and LTTE threads. That began to change within 60 days of the regime. By the summer of 2009 things were closer to 50/50, and by the Summer of 2010, we had achieved the numerical superiority. We always had it when it came to facts and Historical accuracy. The new format NOT showing all comments or carefully hidden in replies does not expose their liberal idiocy as easily.

    I am sure the lower number of bots hiding in their parent's basement or the egotistical elitists camping out at starbucks, will continue to try and spread their lies and fallacy, but now it is more difficult to expose them for the fools they are. Luckily we have awaken that silent majority. Never again will we let them run roughshod over common sense and decency. Our networks have become as well organized and as passionate as theirs. The truth will continue to be told, and their lies exposed.

  9. Mary has shown she is not averse to crawling down to their level to attack the root cause of the problems we all now must endure. She is a patriot of the finest kind. Glad she has been on the side of RIGHT!

  10. Marine, take a look at what she pulled off over night..

    I was stunned

  11. It takes balls to be a Teabagger...Just sayin'


  13. You're right Captain, and it takes none at all to be a hate spewing drugged up jackass posting Anonymously

  14. It is kida funny... Sad that he's typical of so many of Obama's supporters.

  15. ALL CAPS, Teabag, misspelling. Looks like the varmint is still in a deep state of depression. Hope I am manning the suicide hotline in November of 2012. I may be kicked off for offering encouragement and "How To" videos.

  16. Two more just went in the spam can..

    It's funny, I was posting FT one day, afeter I'd refered to Cayote as an Obamaite, a ver liberal poster came back, coutered by saying he wasn't, he was just an embarrassement.

    We must be doing something right if we have him so upset..

  17. Judging from the comments he's made in the last few minutes the thing is really pissed off..

    FT must have booted him again.. either that or it's life partner turned out to be a one night stand

  18. Wow, I can just about imagine the spittle running out the corner of his mouth. It looks to be frothing. Mad varmint mad varmint. Thus is the life of a liberal idiot.Sure hope he doesn't bite anyone. I have heard the series of shots in the stomach are painful.

  19. Take it you glanced in the spam can... good night to make sure the chicken coup's locked, the dogs are out and the shotguns loaded.

    I think this one is becoming a threat.

  20. Grumpy - Bantam weight. They lose focus and are not very detail oriented.

  21. What' not very interesting...weak is what it is.


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