Saturday, February 12, 2011

No More Discrimination!

I found a .pdf file that led to a website ( the other day that promoted something that I hate. I hate discrimination at taxpayer expense. No, not that kind of discrimination. The kind that is PC. I hate it so much I wrote to the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, to Rick Scott, and posted a blurb on my website about it. This is a copy of what Rick Scott received and what is on my website:

"February 11, 2011 I just sent this e-mail to the Brevard County Commissioners. I'm so irritated with this that I can hardly see straight:


"I found this astonishing brochure ( (in .pdf format) on the internet and I was wondering: DO WE ACTUALLY SPEND TAXPAYER DOLLARS ON THIS CLAPTRAP?!!!! If so, DEFUND it. Save us some money. Let women make their own way if they want to really make it. After all, we are as strong, smart, creative, driven, resourceful and well educated as men. Why should we need TAXPAYER dollars to give us a hand? IF there are ANY TAXPAYER DOLLARS being spent on this stupidity, DEFUND this atrocity immediately. Women do not need a hand out, hand up, hand over, or any other "hand...." besides a handbag. If they do, let them be creative enough to find a way to get the money they need, the RECOGNITION they desire, the CONGRATULATIONS they crave all by themselves. To spend taxpayer dollars on this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to say the least!"

"I think you should also write to the BOCC and send the same message. We are women; not invalids. Whatever happened to the old Helen Reddy song, "I am woman, hear me roar"? Nowadays, if a woman roars, it's because she needs a handout or special recognition from a special board/panel/commission? I don't think so! If this is feminism, who wants it? Lilly-livered idiots and wimps it makes of women. Whatever happened to that frontier spirit? The spirit of WWII where women hung up their dresses and took off their heels and became welders, machinery operators, "Rosie the Riveter" is now gone. (My Great Aunt was in the Women's Air Corp, flying newly finished airplanes from the factory to the airfields.) Now women have to be coddled and have "special" treatment that men don't get because of what's between their legs? Come on! We are WOMEN! We are stronger than men (Ever see a man with a cold? I rest my case!), we have more stamina than men (they go to bed earlier than we and sleep in later than we on the weekends), and we are more determined than men. To have to have a stupid "Commission on the Status of Women" is patently absurd and ridiculous. Women across America should be outraged."

Gov. Scott, ANY taxpayer dollars being spent on this is Unconstitutional because if it can't benefit ALL taxpayers, you are playing favorites and discriminating against someone due to their gender. I call on you to stop this discrimination and to stop any funding that goes to a specific gender, race, creed, or nationality. If you do not, you are breaking the Constitution you swore to uphold. Defund all discriminatory Commissions, Panels, Boards, etc. or break the law. It's your choice and I'm holding you accountable."

I some of you will agree with me and contact both the BOCC and Gov. Scott and tell them to defund all discriminatory items that taxpayers pay for. It is unconstitutional and it is wrong.

Linda McKinney


  1. I tried but could not find the link.

  2. Madpole:

    Sorry. IF you're in Brevard County, FL, all five of the BOCC can be contacted via e-mail here and
    Gov. Rick Scott can be
    contacted via his website here.

    If you don't live in Brevard County, and your state/county/city has something similar, write to them and tell them to stop discriminating, too!


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