Friday, February 4, 2011

Satellite Beach: The Best Little Example of BIG Government in Brevard County

Satellite Beach, “the best little example of BIG government in Brevard county,” held a city council meeting Wednesday night. There were lots of big government programs discussed, including at least 7 “revenue generation” ideas (and only 1 [potential] cost cutting measure).

However, one big government program deserves special recognition. City leaders saw fit to pay $25,000 for a study who’s problem statement read, “It is now widely accepted (that) global sea level will rise a meter or more by the year 2100.” I guess “widely accepted” means those who believe the U.N.’s IPCC scientists, because there is a vast body of counter-studies using observational sea level records over the past 300 years that show variations up and down over time, but no trend.

While the basis of the study is worthy of debate, what really got my attention was the city’s development coordinator who took me to task for asking “who had paid for this study and why?” She said the taxpayers of Satellite Beach hadn’t paid for the study, it was paid for by a grant. Huh?? I guess we’re growing grant money on trees these days versus using taxpayer money.

Yet another example of a bureaucrat’s lack of situational awareness. Listen up government at all levels…the time to waste tax payer money has come to an end!


  1. They want to make bucks off bonfire permits, are we anticipating where the fires are going to burn if the beach is submerged?
    My vote is for the backyards of the council members.

  2. So what impact does the result of the "study" have on Satellite Beach today or in the future. What is to be done with the "information"? I don't get it.

  3. Hey, it's S.O.L. and I can't remember my password tonight but IMHO:

    Little "burgs" like Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic, Cocoa Beach etc, are all just duplications of fees for service(s) in my opinion. Some of these cities negotiate "kickbacks" from service providers like Waste Management. This costs the taxpayers extra money, with duplicate billings to THE SAME SERVICES, such as garbage collection, water & sewer. Why do I have to write two checks for the same service? How many police cars per square foot does Satellite Beach need to catch someone going 4 m.p.h. over the speed limit? West Melbourne is another fine example of a City that serves no purpose, just more layers of bureaucrats.

    If DFTTS doesn't get it, then nobody should.

  4. Pretty soon it will be illegal to pee in the ocean...not that I would ever do that...but some people do.

  5. Always amazes me how easy it is to make people believe when the money comes "comes" from DC or Tally it's a gift...

    They tend to forget that if it comes froms government, at best it's nothing more than than government letting them have have a few cents of there own money back... for a government approved purpose..

    Time after time I've heard our friend Lewis refer to it as bribe money. When we accept grants, all we're doing is getting bribed with our own money.


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