Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Morning Joe's surprise,

Every once in a while I see a story that indicates there might be a little hope for cable news after all.  I don't watch TV very often, I've found that I can find better and more factual information doing my own research online. If something major happens, I'll turn the TV on. and listen to it while I'm reading other viewpoints about the event  elsewhere.  This morning I saw something about MSNBC's Joe Scarborough had said something about Media Coverage of the Wisconsin Teacher Protests proved the Media had been biased in their coverage of TEA Party events

Morning Joe? Uh huh,  maybe.  MSNBC allowed him to say it?   Yeah Right, that ain't happening.

For Two years MSNBC taking heads have been calling the TEA Party and TEA Party Members racists,  KKK members, Timothy McVeigh's, terrorists and a bunch or other names I won't allow to be used on my website.  When Rachael Maddox and Chris Mathews talk about the TEA Party you can almost see them foaming at the mouth..  Morning Joe's been a little better, not much...

I kept seeing the link all day, eventually I gave in and watched.

It wasn't much of a concession, but at least it he acknowledged that had the teachers been TEA Party, they would have been blasted by the media

This is more like what we're used to from the White House Propaganda Arm.

What is racist about suggesting people should be somewhat literate if they're going to vote?


  1. Back in the day, Joe was a Republican. I suppose now that olberman is gone he is allowed to speak more honestly.

  2. Yes,Joe was a republican but the term applied to Joe was RINO.Notice that Joe allowed deepthroat to get away with calling Scott a demagogue......taldock

  3. Ialdock; good to see you here, send me a FT Private Message when you get a chance


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