Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worse than the vultures

I'm hoping that while writing this I'll think of a title, one that won't scare normal people before they read the blog.  The word Vultures has been overused since people started talking about the idiocy following the Tucson Massacre, but it fits.  Seems like everyone who dislikes something, or someone has found a justification for their viewpoint in a mass murder.  Most of them aren't concerning themselves with facts, just the best way to spin it to their advantage.

I expected the  Anti TEA Party crowd to have a field day, as soon as I heard about the incident Saturday.  That bunch is pretty predictable, and they've been looking for a Timothy McVeigh to blame conservatives for ever since Homeland Security issued their Domestic Terrorism Assessment almost two years ago.  When the The Media, without much checking, started reporting this guy was an Anti Government Veteran, they had all they needed.  Many of them, having heard that, haven't listened as the Media started reporting facts about Jared Lee Loughren, instead of knee jerk opinions.

Political opportunism at it's finest was typified by US Congressional Representative Robert Brady who wants to pass a law that would make it;  "a federal crime for a person to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a Member of Congress or federal official."  He didn't say who got to decide what "could be perceived" so my guess is he was thinking about an incumbent who didn't like something the opposition was saying about him.

As I said a couple seconds ago, I expected to hear a lot of this as soon as I heard about the murders.  This I wasn't expecting;  from the Tuscon Citizen

Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church plans on protesting at Cristina Greene’s funeral
by Three Sonorans on Jan. 08, 2011

Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church says that God sent the shooter today.

His church also plans on protesting at the funeral of 9 year-old Cristina Taylor Greene, this Thursday at 1pm at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Catholic Church in Tucson.

They plan on coming to OUR town and disgracing us?


Arizona Governor Brewster is a great person, the lady gotta lotta spunk.  I hope she gives the Westboro Bastards the welcome they deserve.  My suggestion would be an Honor Guard, two full Companies of Arizona National Guardsman, locked and loaded with fixed bayonets, placed between the West Boro Bastards and the services for the innocent victims of Loughner's insane rampage.  Immediately before deployment I would show members of the Honor Guard this video, which I will warn you in advance is NOT suitable for General Audiences or those who tend to be emotional.  I will be a bit more tolerant of comments with strong language than normal today. don't get carried away.


  1. CNN is reporting that a group from Tucson is planning go greet the sicko Westboro picketers with "Angles".
    Funeral pickets to be met by 'angels'

  2. If any of those pukes showed up at my Grandson,s funeral, there would have been no more Westboro Church members left.

  3. AG - Good to hear. There are many instances when extreme action is fully justifiable.

  4. Mad, a who lot of people feel the same way about that bucnch.

    AG, Don't think the Patriot Guard will push a point, they're careful about that, and they're not looking for trouble. BUT if Phelps steps over his side of the line, even a little, especially at Christina Green's service....

  5. As a Christian, WBC offends me to no end! They are no more Christian than satan is! What they are doing is wrong in so many ways. They need to stop their ridiculousness and get on their knees and ask God's forgiveness!

    They are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

  6. SCC, Capt; Considering what Phelps is planning, and having watched his statement. I'm not sure forgiveness and God are words I could use in the same paragraph as Westboro.


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