Monday, January 10, 2011

Jared Loughren, druggie and mass murder

Twenty-four hours ago, when I was putting together a series of posts about Saturday's Tuscan Massacre I said it was to early to start expressing opinions.  Not too many people agreed with me.  Depending who was talking, the killer Jared Loughner was Right Wing Home Grown Political Terrorist, or a Left Wing Fanatic like Bill Ayers..  I had expected some of that, and that's the reason I posted From the mind of a killer, that post contained contained the five video's that Loughner had posted on his utube site, let's take a look and see if together, we can figure out what he is...

The first one he titled Hello, my name is Jared Lee Loughner, click the title and take a look, it's short, if not to the point. In just over a minute, he goes from describing himself as a political conscience dreamer, whatever that is, to several comments about literate and illiterate grammar dreamers.  In between he talks about being the treasurer of your own currency, and government mind control using grammar.  Since I know all of you reading this are are literate grammar dreamers with your own treasury capable fighting government grammar mind control ......  You get the idea, If you get his message, I'd suggest a conversation with a shrink.  Loughner seemed to think it was a profound statement.  I didn't see much coherent in that.

His second video, Introduction, Jared Loughner is more of the same, only the presentation is a little stranger.  In this video he specifically mentions a distrust of God, and distrust of government currency.  If I"m reading him correctly, that's ify,  I guess both the right and the left get a point out of that one. The only thing I get out of the calender AD-BC reference is if there is no God, there is no BC or AD and no calender

The third one How to Mind Controller is mostly drivel, he seems to think he is some kind of Mind Controller, it's unclear if it's his mind or someone else's he's talking about.  I didn't see anything that added to this conversation, feel free to click the title, maybe you can see something I missed.

The fourth, titled This Student at Pima Community College is interesting, the college expelled him after several incidents where the college had called the police because of his conduct.  His logic seems to be that he'd paid the college and he wasn't getting what he paid for, therefore the College is Unconstitutional, by extension since the Sheriff's department had removed him he police are Unconstitutional.  he he carries a step farther and decides all colleges and all police are Unconstitutional, therefore the US Department of Education in Unconstitutional..  Then he goes back on the Grammar kick again and proclaims most of the students and staff at the college illiterate.   Nothing political there, except his interpretation of the Constitution, that's more nuts than politically left or right.

The last one How To, Your New Currency,  there is nothing about gold or silver mentioned, nor does he talk about replacing US Money.  He hasn't figured out what metal he wants to use.  He makes it clear that your new "currency" the coins you create are your personal treasury.  He goes one to explain if you have 1 coin in you treasury and add one, then you have two..  Politically left, Politically Right or Just plain nuts.  I'll go with nuts

In short, this guy is not politically left or right.  He fancies himself as a great political thinker, possibly an Anarchist, but he's not politically liberal or conservative.  What he is, is a murderer, plain and simple, okay he's a delusional murderer, I'll go along with that,

What about his reading list, hasn't everyone been talking about that?  Fairly simple, Mine Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, both concepts are know to have used violence in order to control people, that caused people to fear the government, making fear a form of mind control.

The one that keeps coming up is that the guy was always stoned.  This guy is nothing more than an arrogant, delusional druggie, who wanted to make a name for himself.  Gabby Giffords was an easy target with name recognition, bur simply killing her would have just made him an assassin.  He would have been soon forgotten.  Killing a lot of people would make him famous, and would make people fear him, the mind control theme.  If he was killed, his brilliant (in his mind) political writing would make him a martyred political philosopher

Was he triggered by heated political rhetoric?  I don't think so.  He'll use it as an excuse, why not, all the aplogists already have.  He would have found a trigger.  Someone like Jared Loughner can always find an excuse or justification in their own mind to justify their actions.  If we make excuses for him, all we do is give others a excuse.

Jared Loughner killed for the sake of killing and to satisfy his own ego.  If he'd wanted to only kill Gabrielle Gifford, he wouldn't have shot eighteen other people.  Jared Loughner wanted to kill for the sake of killing, and to satisfy his own ego.


  1. A classic case of one who never had to grow up and be responsible.

  2. Yep, a spoiled momma's boy eith drugs thrown in for good luck.

  3. Disgusting vermin once again trying to take a horrendous event and spin it for Political gain. I've often said if they would give a nobel price to the ilk of barry, jimmy, algore LLc, and arafat it must not be very prestigious anymore. Here is another worthless recipient.

  4. Krugman is the absolute worst. Among actual economists, he is a laughing stock. He really is clueless. It shouldn't come as any surprise that he is the "go to" economist of the MSM.

  5. Krugman is all for a major bailout of the liberal media of course they love him

  6. Umm...pretty sure he had mental health issues, as is being reported by numerous outlets. Psychosis is not being a "spoiled momma's boy". If you are so delusional as to shoot up a grocery store, not even your momma can make sense to you. Spoiled momma's boys generally listen to their momma.


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