Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tucson update, the blame games are winding down

Today starts the services for he victims of Saturday's Massacre in Tuscon, hopefully all will be relatively quiet.  President Obama will be in attendance, acting out his role as the nations grief counsoler.  The jerks from Westboro Baptist Church are planning on being there usual asinine selves.

Update  According to an AP article in  Church won't protest at funeral of slain Arizona child, but will picket at judge's service

They will be countered by up to 4500 volunteers wearing angle wings, and a brand new Arizona law

Sara Palin posted a video titled America's enduring strength this morning,  In the video she replies to those who've been bashing her for the last several days.  She does a nice job of it, unlike her detractors she doesn't try to assign blame, instead calling for Americans to work through what happened in Tucson together.  She does so with grace and dignity.

I guess she like most others have noticed the public wasn't buying the finger pointing started by Paul Krugman and some others.  A poll conducted by CBS made it clear that most Americans (57%) considered the noise coming from the left nothing but horse manure.

 I first noticed the change in piece written by Matt Reed from a Gannett Publication;  Florida Today titled  Deranged behavior, not politics, responsible for Arizona rampage, Florida Today had been part of the Liberal Media that jumped on the Blame the TEA Party bandwagon without doing the research.  Matt walked it back nicely, he gets picked on some, but generally he tries to be reasonable, and still keep his job. In his article Matt pointed out that;

Yes, political speech supplied Jared Loughner with concepts for YouTube videos about currency values and "illiterate" immigrants who don't speak English. The firepower made a bad day worse.

But the scariest people I've met in Brevard can find outrage and justification anywhere.

"But the scariest people I've met in Brevard can find outrage and justification anywhere."  was the same concliusion I'd come to by Sunday night.  I told a few people something a simple as seeing a spider might have triggered someone as far removed from reality as Loughner,   Monday morning I published a blog titled Jared Loughren, druggie and mass murder.  In my blog I pointed out that Loughner had a history, not a good one of drug use and irrational behavior.  Loughner's video's indicated to me that he was more stoned than political, even so Matt's editorial wasn't well received by everyone. 

Needless to say it made me  feel real good when Joan Walsh's Salon Magazine came one step short of an actual apology,  Salon never aplogizes for anything the far left does, if anything the crazier an idea is, the more they enouage it.  That wasn't the case this time Americans get it: It's just a horrible coincidence

was written by Steve Kornacki who had this to say, in part:

We know that no connection between Loughner and Tea Party politics has been established, and what we have learned about him strongly suggests that he lacked a recognizable political identity. He looks to be a deranged young man and it's unclear if he was even aware of the political debate/conversation that the rest of us follow every day. There's just no evidence of any connection between Loughner and Palin, the Tea Party and conservative movement.
Thus, the "climate of violence" argument feels to me like a backdoor way for some on the left to attach blame to Palin and the Tea Party anyway. I might be more sympathetic to it if someone could explain how, precisely, it worked in this case: What specific evidence is there that the "climate" was relevant to Loughner's thinking? When was the moment that the tone set by Palin and the Tea Party kicked in and turned his obsession with grammar, literacy and "currency" into something lethal

Kornacli concludes with "If the CBS poll is accurate, most people aren't having trouble making this distinction -- even if plenty of commentators are."

There are still a few that haven't figured it out yet.  Jesse Jackson, who would starve if all racism vanished,  wants to blame the racist attitudes in Arizona.  MSNBC hack Joe Scarbourogh is equating it to the political rhetoric of the 60's being responsible for the attempt on Reagan in the eighties.  One of my readers wants to blame me, at least that's the impression I get from some of the comments a Mr. Anonymous has left on my blogs.

Oh well,. If I wasn't irritating someone, I guess it wouldn't be much of a political blog..


  1. This is in reply to a statement Fat Lady Sings mad on Florida Today about blood libel. Since I know at least one person with an itchy abuse button finger won't like it

    Makes sense given the any excuse will do statements that had some screaming for Palin's and other people's blood.

    Especially when those people ignore that the Daily Kos had also made a target of Giffords, and the fact that the alleged slight Loughner was reacting to, happened before there was a TEA Party, and before Palin came on the scene..

    Some on the left were looking for any excuse, and will willing to resort to misinformation, trumped up evidence and blatant lies.. just as those that attacked the Jews 200 years ago did.
    1/12/2011 9:05 PM EST on

  2. Sorry barry, but I will tone it down exactly 1 second after they shut it up. I do not anticipate that happening in my lifetime. This week I have heard many rants on Ms Palin, Rush, Beck, etal but failed to hear any condemning jerry wright, farrakhan, michael moore, van jones, grayson, etc. I also continually see the left condoning the actions of that Philadelphia nbp group and union thuggery. Overall, I see it as both extremes now using similar tactics. We can hope the tone will become more tolerant, but until it does I will be at the forefront.


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