Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gabby Gifford tragedy

It's a little early to start doing much opinion writing about this.  The left has been looking for any excuse to blame something on the TEA Party for the last two years.  Many of the lefty bloggers. in typical lefty fashion are making accusations without bothering to wait for evidence... The Daily Beast was suggesting Loughner was a Vet, he wasn't, the Army wouldn't take him.  Video on his utube indicate, See Mind of a Killer he was confused and unbalanced.  There have been several mentions of his pot smoking and disorientation from acquaintances.

Gabby Gifford was doing what our we want our Congress People to do, and what they should be able to to do without fear.   She was making herself available and giving constituents a chance to meet her face to face.

I can speak for every member of Grumpy, when I say Rep Gifford, and the other victims will be in our thoughts and prayers.. we wish those in the care of doctors a speedy and complete recovery and offer our deepest condolences to the families of those who were lost.

These Videos are the most current information I can find at 2:am..  I'll offer updates as they become available, and opinion when they becomes appropriate.  I will add that the police are looking for a second killer, or accompliance..

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