Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 11, 2001: America Will Remember


9/11 Video 2nd Tower Collapses Live On FOX

During the live reporting of the 911 attacks, you will hear the journalist half-way through the video say: "America, offer a prayer" ... and again, a short time later, another journalist reminds everyone to "Say a prayer".

Ten years later, we have politicians announce that there is no time to say a prayer during America's Tenth Anniversary memorial on Sunday, September 11th.  No time to give a moment of silence by the clergy/rabbi/ministers and therefore, no clergy are invited to speak at the memorial.

Ten years later, and there is no room to invite the First Responders of 911 - and yet, there was plenty of room for these surviving heroes immediately following the attack on America by 15 Arab Muslims from Saudi and 4 other Islamic extremists (not to mentions those terrorists who were not caught, or are still awaiting trial).

Ten years later, and Americans attacked by Islam are hammered with propaganda by those who would have us believe that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" - when America still awaits to hear a condemnation from those who profess to be "moderate" Muslims!  Still waiting to hear those 22 Arab nations apologize for their Muslim brothers attacking the United States - and yet, how quickly this administration expects Israel, an ally, to bow at every whim presented by the Arab Palestinians.

Ten years later, and this administration is bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees" escaping from Muslim nations ... isn't this a little suspicious and ironic?!  They are seeking asylum in the very country they spit upon, while demonstrating, burning our flag and mocking the values of the West throughout the Islamic world.  

Ten years later, and the United States continues to pay out billions of dollars to the Arab Palestinians and those in Gaza, while Americans remember the Arabs in Gaza passing out candy and celebrating the attack upon the United States by Muslims.

Ten years later, and it is with the deepest of sadness that Americans are told a Muslim Mosque will be built just two blocks away from Ground Zero, with the blessing of American politicians ... and one wonders, what next?!  What must Americans endure at the hands of Islam before those in Washington and NYC wake up to the fact that it was Islam that proclaimed war on America - and it is Islam that is still at war with our civilization?

Ten years later, and my heart sinks every time I hear that more of our troops have been murdered, at the hands of Muslim/Islamic terrorists.

and lastly,

As an American, I will never forget what to some in the political arena is merely a date on the calender. Americans will continue to pray, as we continue to watch and listen to politicians who, like those in Gaza, make a mockery out of America's Day of Remembrance with each passing year. These same politicians who refuse to acknowledge exactly who are responsible for the attacks and who are the enemies of the United States.

Ten years later, and I remember President Bush standing on a destroyed fire engine at Ground Zero on Sept. 12th and announcing to the crowd of NYC firemen and First Responders, "America will never forget" - he was right: America Will Remember!

Bee Sting

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  1. Two days in my near 62 years stand out as though they occurred yesterday. They are 11/22/63 and 09/11/01. On the first we lost our innocence, and on the 2nd our sense of security. I pray we never again have to witness such an event, but History tells me we will.

  2. alphamom here...
    yes, you're correct, USMC, if we don't do something to prevent the "muslim encroachment" of the USA, the 3rd thing will happen to us... alphamom/marianne


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