Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update from ABC on the Helicopter loss in Afghanistan

NATO Crash: Communities Mourn Loss of Troops Killed in Afghanistan

By  (@martharaddatz) ,  (@LMartinezABC) , MIKE BOETTCHER  YUNJI DE NIES

American communities are mourning the loss of 30 U.S. troops who were killed when Afghan insurgents shot down a helicopter
 carrying the most elite forces in the US military --
Navy SEALs along with Air Force and Army personnel, U.S. officials said. S
aturday's crash occurred near a Taliban stronghold in Wardak province in Afghanistan. 

On board the Chinook helicopter, there were 30 Americans -- including 22 SEALs, 8 Afghans and a dog trained specifically for special operations.  U..S. forces were engaged in a firefight on the ground and the helicopter was on its way to help, when it was shot down probably by a rocket propelled grenade

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