Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scared RHINO's and Rabid Libs

 know how to call names:  So F'ng What, that's all they know how to do

After almost three years of the this crap, most of us have gotten used to it.  The first time I was called a racist in a forum discussion... I was in shock.. All I'd said was Obama was promising too many things to too many people and it was going to get him into trouble.

Obama supporters learned early, that there's no defense to the racism accusation.. they didn't have to back it up with any facts-- once the charge was made about someone.. The person was branded..

For most of us, it didn't take long to realize when someone (including a bunch of liberal talking heads) tossed out the term,.. It was because they didn't have any argument except that, and the stuff coming outta there rear ends,

After a while you begin to realize that a lot of these were projecting, most of the conservative I know don't think about race.. unless they have a specific reason.  They also understand that racial pride is normal. It's not racism, unless carried to extremes. It's a kind of pride that applies to other aspects of being human.  Surprise, most women are proud of being female and most men are proud of being male.

Liberal's are obsessed, with race and gender (or lack of).  Actually when it comes to gender, many of them seem infatuated with sexual confusion--Homosexuality..

Somewhere along the line-- they discovered they could add phobic or phobia to a word... Turn it into an insult and amaze their no so bright counterparts by sounding intelligent..  The same is true of ism., That gave them a way to to turn a word into an easy comparison to to Nazism---

Since I've seen so much of this crap from liberals, all the name calling that's occurred in the last week hasn't bothered me at all..  I made a comment on a more liberal website today that started off,  I'm a hobbit so I'd have done it this way... Almost certain I offended some people-- you know how it works..., "how dare one of them post on a education site?"

The bullshit references to to terrorism, and jihadists.. there's a poster on a Gannet site in Florida very active in the Liberal Women's Rights Movement, for years she's been equating men opposed to abortion to the Taliban..  Joe Biden stood by and let a bunch of Senators call us Terrorists (rumor says he used the word himself)  WTF Cares? It's F;ng Joe Biden we're talking about, what do you expect?

With all due respect to John McCain, "I'm not sure I could have survived his POW internment"  We don't give a damn what you call us-- if not for us your Republican Party would be dead and buried. that's makes us a factor.. The same goes for Boehner and the rest of the Establishment GOP

As for the comments from Harry Reid. Steny Hoyer and the rest of the hehawing jackasses on Capitol Hill... You are the Sonofabitches that got us into this mess..  The compromise prevented us from missing an interest payment to some of the big banks and the Federal Reserve.. It did nothing to "protect' Grandma's Social Security Check.. that was a BS Scare tactic.  Curbing spending based on an estimate of future increases, imaginary economic growth projections and a guestimate of inflation over the next ten years is nothing more than smoke and mirror gimmickry.  The only thing that was accomplished was the creation of rules and regulations that will hinder the the creation and implementation of legitimate cost controls once we get rid of you useless bastards.

Yeah, and you manage to push the issue past the 2012 elections..

I saw a tweet this afternoon...


 Ocean Shores Patriot 
Being call a derogatory name by , MSNBC or  should B worn as a BADGE of HONOR. Wear it proudly.    

The same holds true if your being called a name by a politician or some jackass liberal poster.... laugh it off... better yet, ask them to define the word, and explain how it fits...

USS Barack Obama

In case anyone gives a crap, 
Obama would like to take credit for the compromise
even though it includes almost everything he said he'd 


  1. It seems that most Democrats would rather call names than actually do something. Childish, just calling "gimme, gimme, gimme" all the time.

  2. Loopyloo-- when you don't have any ammo. you throw rocks..

    When you can't debate, based on fact and logic, you all names... but you're right, they sound like twelve year girls playing tit for tat, or something that should be on the Jerry Springer show instead of in Congress.

  3. Liberals always digressing to b.s. when they have no argument or their talking points have failed to change the minds of people.

    they are worse than little children.

  4. Awwwww

    “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

    hich is probably too long a title, at that. Anyway, Mikey Doyle is very, very sorry that the Tea Party thought that he was talking about them when he started spouting off about terrorists:

    U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Forest Hills, said he wasn’t comparing Tea Party members with terrorists when he used the word during a closed-door caucus meeting Monday, but was expressing frustration at President Obama’s negotiating tactics, which he said gave in too quickly to GOP demands in the debt ceiling debate.

    “Had I simply said hostage-taker, there wouldn’t be this reaction. I certainly wasn’t out to defame anybody,” said Doyle, who couldn’t recall the exact statement he made.


  5. Rule #5 from alinsky's "Rules For Morons & Idiots". Not like they could campaign on their many accomplishments.

  6. If we are terrorists, shouldn't they round us up?

  7. Madpole, I'll bet they've thought about it


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