Monday, August 22, 2011

Libyan rebels celebrate in central Tripoli

It seems to be almost over with for Gaddafi, two of his sons are under arrest, but there's still scattered fighting.. if he's in his compound, he will either be dead or in custody within hours. While I happy to see the Libyan people get rid of the SOB, I have concerns about who or what will replace him.

It's no big secret the Muslim Brotherhood was heavily involved in the revolution,  Barack Obama's opinion of the Brotherhood aren't helpful.  He's either blind to their history or he believes he really is a Messiah, capable of changing them... Either way it's a problem. They've been a terrorist organization since the 1920s, historically the only Western Government they ever came close to aligning themselves with was Adolph Hitlers Nazi Germany..  Like Hitler they hated the Jews, French and  England, it they could help the Nazis eliminate all three, they were happy to help..

Beesting has an interesting flow chart in her blog from yesterday, The Myth of the Moderate Muslim that demonstrates the power the Brotherhood hold over the Arab world

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 Heavy fighting and gun battles have broken out in areas of Tripoli after opposition fighters gained control overnight of much of the Libyan capital in their battle to end Muammar Gaddafi's decades-long rule.

 Clashes erupted on Monday after tanks left Bab Azaziya, Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, to confront the rebel assault Many of the streets in the centre of the city, where anti-government supporters had celebrated hours earlier, were abandoned as pockets of pro-Gaddafi resistance and the presence of snipers and artillery fire made the area dangerous. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr, who advanced into the city with rebel fighters overnight, said the security situation in the city was "tenuous." "There are some Gaddafi forces still putting up a fight," our correspondent said.

 In other developments: Gaddafi's two eldest sons are in custody. Saif al-Islam, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court, was arrested in a village in western Tripoli and Mohammed surrendered to rebel forces and spoke to Al Jazeera shortly afterwards.

US President Barack Obama says momentum against Gaddafi has reached a tipping point as world leaders heralded a "new beginning" for Libya. Throughout the night, euphoric Libyan rebels moved into the centre of Tripoli and thousands of jubilant civilians rushed out of their homes to cheer the long convoys of pickup trucks packed with fighters shooting in the air.

For the latest news and developments on Libya check out Al Jazeera's Libya Live Blog


  1. I am sure barry will add this to something else to blame for our currnt economic plight. ME Spring, Tsunami in Japan, European meltdown, etc.

  2. Meet the New Boss. . .same as the Old Boss.

    I wonder if their new leader will be a cross-dresser too.

    BTW: "Read All About It". Floriduh Today has decided to go "moderate" or "middle of the road". They wrote an article today about their "New Editorial Staff" HaHaHa, Matt Reed???!! About as moderate as Trotsky or Lenin.

    It's about time they listened to the people that pay their bills. The Advertisers.

  3. I'm 96% sure the Brotherhood will end up in control. That bodes bad for the region and for us.. Carter lost Iran to the extremists, Obama seems to have lost Egypt so far.....

    Anonymous.... I didn't know FT had made any changes at the editorial level.. I guess if I get the time I'll have to take a look..

  4. Grumpy they promoted Matt Reed. This guy never met a liberal he didn't love.

  5. Yep, guess I'll have to pay a visit......

  6. Say what you will about Glenn Beck -- but he was right about this one. Caliphate.

    Don't normally read Florida Today, but it seems most newspapers nowadays are moving even further to the left. Our local paper hired a new executive editor a few months back, and it's really gone down the tubes. For instance, on Independence Day, they put an illegal immigrant family and their story on the front page as the headline story. It took up most of the front page. A lot of people threatened to cancel their subscriptions.


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