Friday, July 8, 2011

Video: Mexico Came Here

El Presidente at Texas/Mexican Border

“In light of Obama’s recent moat and alligators comment, we’ve got something to say,” notes David Bellamy.  “If it takes a moat and some gators to keep the illegals out of the country, then we say ‘hell yeah, bring ‘em on!’ After all, just look around. ‘Mexico came here!’” 

The Bellamy Brothers - Mexico Came Here

With thanks to New Zeal blog!


  1. Trade the Yucatan for L.A. and we'll throw in Obama the Hussein!

  2. Bet they had to look for weeks to find a hat big enough to fit barry's head.

  3. Be nice now. . .we all know that if it wasn't for Mexicans here in the United States that. . .Nothing would GET DONE!

    Mui Cervaso PorFavor and Donde esta a la banyon my sweet Chaquita?

    Grumpy get well! I tried to come to see you yesterday at the hospital but Nurse Ratchet said that you were in surgery.

    I asked your father to keep an eye on you!

    Get well my brother.

  4. were it not for the brave texans who fought the wars of medina, velasco, concepcion, the alamo & san jacinto which subsequently resulted in the treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo, we would now be the sewer that describes mexico at the present time. there has always, through history, been corruption in gov'ts, police, & armed forces but some measures of control have kept it under control...however, those elements are rampant in the country of mexico & we can never look forward to anything different. at the present time, mexico is in a virtual state of anarchy. it is creeping across the borders of the lower tier states & unless something drastic is done, we can anticipate the same fate. alphamom/marianne p.s. hurry back to your blog, grumpy...we miss you.

  5. That pic of el Presidente made me think of Blazing Saddles.

  6. Yishai - HA HA AH ... that movie was one of the funniest movies ever made! del Presidente is "all things to all people" - just ask him!


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