Sunday, July 24, 2011

Was Norway's Killer really a Christian Conservative

The simple answer is there is no way Anders Behring Breivik, fits any definition Christian, Christian's don't kill children, especially mostly Christian Children for any reason, certianly not because they're opposed to the spread of a non Christian Religion..  The son of a bitch is a cold blooded killer who can't be punished appropriately under Norway's Law's.  For killing Ninety People many of them children the maximum he can serve is around twenty years..

ver the last couple days we've been told he was a Right Wing Extremist, and a Conservative Christian.  Excuse me if I.m a little skeptical.  I remember NYC's Mayor Bloomburg telling people the Times Square Bomber would turn out to be a Right Wing Extremist..  The media jumped on the statement, and had to backtrack when the would be killer turned out to an Islamic.   Then there was Jeffery Loughner,  who tried to kill Gabby Giffords in Arizona and murdered six innocent people including a little girl. The media went on a Blame the Right feeding frenzy, that by the grace of God didn't get someone killed..  Three days later the facts proved Loughner is a vicious madman who thought a mass killing would make him famous.. Once again the Media had to backtrack. 

For years they've been looking and frankly hoping for a Right Wing Extremist to blame an act of terrorism.. along comes Anders Behring Breivik, to help the out..  Now it looks like someone tampered with his face book page.. Hmm.

There is not much question one of the two facebook pages Jihad Watch located and published has been doctored.. The question is which one..  As of now FB has taken down Breivik's fb page..If you click on the link below, you can make your own comparison



  1. Sounded more like a julian assange wannabe. Hopefully a tragedy of this magnatude will cause Norway to rethink that ridiculous penal code they have.

  2. Either that, or keep him for 20 years, let him loose.. at that point another penal code might take over..

    Norwegians are descended from the old Vikings, unless the genes have been completely watered down, they'll figure it out.

  3. I don't quite get the connection with Julian Assange. Assange is a creep and publicity-hound who gets attention by spilling secrets, the other is one of modern history's worst mass murderers.

    And it's not the media labelling him conservative and Christian, it's the killer himself. He believes himself to be conservative and deliberately targeted people he views as being on the left.

    Obviously this does not mean that all conservatives are killers, just because one of them is.

    As far as being Christian, he asked God to make him successful in his mission and wrote about his religious crusade.

    Yes, Christians are not supposed to go around murdering people, so arguably that makes him not a Christian but he does consider himself to be one.

  4. "Norwegian Journalist Ketil B Stensrud in Kristiansand

    Breivik will get the maximum 21 years. However, the judge can make the sentence last indefinitely, by renewing five years at a time.

  5. Not so much Conservative as Darwinian. The assange refereance was to the pulicity gained through evil.

  6. Guess it would help to include the link:

  7. Anonymous... I'm interested in the possible editing of his facebook page, did you look at the before and after?


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