Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama, Duncan Try Last Minute Stunt to Steal Narrative from Save Our Schools DC March

Big Update

Leaders of the Save Our Schools Protest had a message for Barack Obama:

Mr President, GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!

Not in so many words but that's what they meant, and I'm sure the White House got the message.. Obama is not used to having people tell him they're to busy to accept his invitation to the White House

The organizers of the Save our Schools March and National Call to Action are saying "no thanks" to a White House invitation to meet with education advisers to President Barack Obama tomorrow.
Organizers instead say the White House can come to them, or they'll come to the White House on Sunday. Obama officials had no comment on the executive committee's response to their invitation.
In a statement this evening, the executive committee said:
 We sincerely appreciate the interest of the White House in the Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action. We'd be pleased to host any White House or Department of Education personnel on the Ellipse on Saturday so they can hear firsthand what teachers, students, parents and community members from around the country have to say about public education. Thousands of concerned citizens will be sharing their experiences and their thoughts on the future of our schools. July 30th is your opportunity to listen to us. After the March, we will be open to meeting with White House or Department of Education leaders to further discuss our specific proposals.

Obama's invitation was an attempt to defuse the anger of parents and well as others who realize this is another one of Obama's Grand Schemes (that he has no money to pay for) to give the Federal Government Control over our everyday lives..

One, that like so many other of  his Schemes, is Unconstitutional.


It's no secret that this Website is very opposed to the Education Reform Initiatives being pursued by the Obama Administration.  No Child Left Behind was flawed, Obama and his Race to the top go beyond flawed and make a mockery of the US Constitution.  Centralized testing, which cannot be achieved without a Nationalized Curriculum, A dossier kept by the Federal Government, containing personally identifiable Information starting from the time a child enters kindergarten.. In Obama's and Secretary of Education Duncan's world the 4th and 10th Amendment to the Constitution don't exist

This weekend tens( hopefully hundreds) of thousands plan on protesting Obama's overreach on the National Mall,.  The Protesters run from one end of the political spectrum to the other.. The Administration would like to have you believe they're disgruntled teachers, they are.  They are also parents who don't like they plan. or the way  it's being shoved down their throats.. And don't forget people like me, who believe the full extent of a Presidents powers are outlined in the US Constitution

That's enough from me. Bob Sikes reported this earlier.on Scarlet Purple Musings,
Posted her with Bob Sikes' permission...

Obama, Duncan Try Last Minute Stunt to Steal Narrative from Save Our Schools DC March

From Valerie Strauss:
According to leaders of the Save Our Schools March, the White House has invited several of them to the White House on Friday, just a day before the march takes place. A two-day conference of activists began today at American University.
March leaders have been writing open letters to the administration about their standardized test-driven school reform policies for months, but it is just now, apparently, that officials are interested in talking to them about their protest.
Is this a repeat of the administration’s efforts last summer to blunt criticism by a coalition of civil rights groups who released a framework for education reform that was critical of administration policies? Just before it was released, administration officials met with some of the leaders of the group in the coalition, and afterward some backed off their criticism.
Or is this a legitimate effort to allow administration officials to hear teachers complaints (even though they’ve had many months to invite them to the White House, and even though officials have some other pressing business — like the debt limit crisis — to deal with)?

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  1. Parents are in D.C. Calling attention to excessive and expensive assessment initiatives. The White House invited SOS March representatives to meet today, but they are busy and requested a meeting date after Saturday morning's gathering.they invited the DOE and White House to come on Saturday and hear concerns firsthand. There are proposals to match the concerns that have been ignored thus far, perhaps they will be represented after Saturday.

  2. Sandra, I wish the President and DOE and State DOE's would just butt out of the way schools are operated, but should keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I have more faith in locally elected school boards to determine the curriculum. My biggest concern is the denigration of teachers by a host of Republican governors in their attack on all unions.

  3. Bud that was "as intended" the Administration dangled money and the legislatures tripped all over themselves trying to get it..

    Stop and Think Sec of Ed Duncan had a known history of Union Busting when Obama hired him. Former White House Chief of Staff, now mayor of Chicago has started a war against the teachers unions there..

    Nationalized testing for students, Test based Merit Pay, allowing the Fed access to to personal student, information are all Race To The Top requirements

  4. gpabud - I agree with you! the Dem and Rep political establishments support this expensive mess. The complicated web of initiatives is reaching the public. The SOS March in D.C. seems to be waking legislators up. Local control has been under-mined. Blaming unions and bad teachers was a clever tactic to push through the greatest grab for federal control over education in the last 50 years. So I hope that Saturday gets tv coverage and I hope it is a huge event. I stand with the parents.


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