Sunday, July 24, 2011

New friends

This Morning I added new names to the list of blogs you might want to check out

All three come highly recommended, and I've been noticing their comments and blogs in other places

loopyloo Arkansas
Christian Conservative
"My Blog"

Loopyloo's  website is a great source for you to find out what other bloggers are discussing

VotingFemale Voting Female
I blog at and guest blog elsewhere. I'm a techie, bloggie, & Conservative Attack Kitty. I was pro-Palin even B4 she was picked 4 VP

Like loopyloo, Voting Female gets around, reads a lot and tweets information she deems worthy, I was surprised to see how much she tweets.

Not as young or attractive as the first two

 Dr. Rich Swier Sarasota, FL
Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and blogger and holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles

Among other places you can find his blog here You can also track him down a Tea Party Nation and Tea Book

Recently I linked one of Dr Swier's
Florida Sells the Souls of Its Public School Students for $63 Each
  to a blog I wrote It's an important read for everyone,  Obama's is trying to entice all the states into his RTTT education reform scheme.  In Florida he suceeded 

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  1. i think this one is worthy of your list, grumpy. alphamom


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