Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maskophobia, Murderphobia and Bombphobia

Beesting had this posted on her website, after I read it I called her up and said please.... Bee's a generous lady and said of course...  the original author Sultan Knish is a close personal friend of her's...

After you've read it, and finished laughing, pass it along to to all your friends, so they can laugh... while your at it, pass it along to every liberal who's ever called you an Islamaphobic... just to make them mad.. 


Maskophobia, Murderphobia and Bombphobia - BY Sultan Knish

Even as Australia was banning the veil, New Zealand was caught in a scandal over the veil after the Saudi consulate complained when two of their masked slaves were refused access to a Kiwi bus.

But the two bus drivers dodged accusations of Islamophobia by claiming that they instead suffer from Maskphobia. Maskphobia being the fear of people wearing masks

While liberal New Zealand newspaper writers are ridiculing it as a dodge, it's actually a far more honest position than condemning every concern about Islam as Islamophobia. Few people are concerned about Islam because it is a five letter word or foreign. They are concerned about it, because it has a habit of murdering their kind of people. The kind who don't attend mosques, wear veils or bow to a desert deity who commanded his followers to subjugate all infidels. The proper term for this concern is Murderphobia.

Some people riding on a bus are concerned that Muslims will follow their habit of detonating buses in the name of Allah. That the masked and hooded lady is concealing a bomb belt under her portable black tent. This condition is known as Bombphobia.
When boarding a plane, many worry that a Quran bearer will be flying the friendly skies with them and will attempt to hijack the plane and steer it toward the nearest large building full of non-Muslims. This is known as Boxcutterphobia.
Some women worry about being sexually assaulted by a member of a religion which says that those of another gender who do not wear the veil are free for the taking. This is called IslamoRapephobia
And some parents are concerned about their children being exploited in sex rings by a religion, which cannot be named, yet which consider infidel girls to be fair prey. And whose prophet married and raped a child. This is called IslamoPedoPhobia.
Many cartoons are concerned that if they depict the Prophet of the Religion of Peace (Pigs Be Upon Him) that they will then have to go into hiding and run for their lives. This is known as CartoonPhobia.
Blind people are worried that they will be left without transportation by Muslim cabbies who hate their seeing eye dogs, because their religion says that dogs prevent angels from entering a house. This is called StrandedByBigotedIslamoCabbiesPhobia.
Religious minorities, particularly Jews, are concerned that they are being driven out of the neighborhoods, cities and countries where they used to live by Islamic bigotry. This is a problem thateveryone knows does not exist, which is why we are not allowed to talk about it. We are not allowed to talk about it in France, in Sweden or in the Negev. Like the rapes, murders, bombings and Muslim hate crimes-- it is something we do not talk about. But it might be called KristallnachtPhobia.
This entire complex of phobias of course has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. It just happens to entirely coincidentally involve Muslims. Which is no reflection on Islam, the latter being a wonderful Religion of Peace,


  1. I have one big phobia SNAKES but these all follow close behind.

    Hee Hee Bing Sting this is a good one.

  2. I loved it Fishy, now that you have it, use it on the forums, Face and some of the others will scream till they're blue..

  3. My phobia is spiders ... but these are absolutely the best phobias to fight against that false tolerance our Idiot-in-Chief and Apologist-for-Islam screams about - remember his little speech on the WH steps following the Ft. Hood massacre? "Let's not jump to conclusions" .. blah, blah, blah!
    Daniel Greenfield is my favorite writer, that's for sure .. :)

  4. I put it up on the Political forum last night. I expected to be crucified this morning. Maybe all the "hair on fire" bunch had already gone to bed. We'll see what happens when SoBe a DADO get on a roll this morning.


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