Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just dropped by

Aquagrump was kind enough to drop by to see me, and he brought a laptop with him..  Since this is the first time I've see a computer in a week, I stole it, at least for a second... I figured I thank everyone one for all the support they've given me.   With luck I'll be outta here by the end of the week....

Aquagrump has some good news, he's the latest Grumpy Member to become a grandparent

Sunday Joy, AG's ninth grandchild was born July first



  1. Great to hear on both fronts. AQ - Best thing about having children. Grumpy you are in my prayers. Just watch for any Staph after the surgery. It can be a pain.

  2. OH my too precious. I am enjoying mine (all two of them). Congrats AG.

    I'll see you later in the week Grumpy.


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