Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joe Stalin. Nikita Khrushchev and Rupert Murdoch

News Corps Rupert Murdoch has borrowed a tactic from the old Soviet Union Premiere's.  If they didn't  like someone, or something a person may have said or done they shipped them off to Gulags in Siberia., where hopefully they'd freeze to death and never annoy you again..

According to The Independent Press, that's what News Corp is doing to employees of News of the World

Staff at the News of the World, including editor Colin Myler,
centre, leave the building at Wapping for the last time
after the final edition of the paper was finished
earlier this month

TW staff offered new job
By Ian Burrell, Media EditorThursday, 28 July 2011

Staff at the News of the World, who may have thought they had hit rock bottom when their company told them their newspaper was "toxic" and closed it, have been shocked again by the offer of work... in Siberia. 
A posting to the austere eastern Russian region, commonly associated with the Soviet gulags, to work as a "materials manager" for the Fox arm of Rupert Murdoch's sprawling News Corp empire, might sound more like punishment than a fresh start.
But it is one of around 200 jobs being offered to former members of the NotW team, including such positions as "application development consultant" in Bulgaria for Dow Jones 
It is not what the paper's staff hoped for when Mr Murdoch, the News Corp chairman, and former News International chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, assured MPs last week that everything possible was being done to find new posts for those placed on "gardening leave" after the 168 year-old title was consigned to history

For the last few months I've heard a number of bloggers mention FOX, Murdoch and Newscorps had been catering more and more to the Socialist Left... Imitating Stalin and Khrushchev is a little farther than I'd imagined.  


  1. Murdoch has opened a new education division. He's a player in the $500 billion market.

  2. One reason Fox is supporting,, Obama's Education Reform agenda.. a great deal of the 500 billion goes out on no bid contracts... I don't think any of the Fox News team wants to end up reporting on Siberian Snowfall


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