Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Growing Old But Not Up

I am sure that by now you all know that Grumpy is hospitalized. While being visited by Mad Pole they developed a scheme to bust Grumpy out for a smoke. While Grumpy only mentioned that the two of them got busted by the nurses Mad Poles version of the story provided proof that boys may grow into men but the boy always remains.

With apologies to Mad Pole:
“WE were determined until we ran into a couple of nurses that eat men for snacks. We abandoned any scheming with false bravado. The truth is, our moms had that same power, so we regressed and took it like men. Grumpy told them,"I'll sign myself out." and the nurse came back,"You should." Ha.

She made me wash up and get dressed in a gown, I went from executive officer to a dressed-up dressed down mime in a flash.”

Sounds like a couple of Jr Highers who got busted smoking in the boys room.


  1. Thank you AG for sharing this hilarious story!

  2. Didn't know Grumpy was hospitalized...I guess now his handle has to be "Grumpier". Hang in there, man, & I hope you're out soon.

  3. Guess I won't tell Grumpy my husband was so desperate during one of his stays in the hospital, he went into the adjourning bathroom, ran the water on the pretense of washing up and smoked a cigarette ... then used half a can of spray to disguise the smoke (can bet no one was fooled). The little "boy" in the man delights in thinking he just got away with something ... LOL

  4. DRAT I had a plan for today but I'm not taking a chance. I would just go in the shower. All they can say is "put that out". It isn't like an airplane where they arrest you.

  5. Sounds like Grumpy is getting back to normal.

    I no longer have to sneak out, but have worked in hospitals since 1984. Back in the early 90's we had to go smoke free, but the CFO was a pack & a half @ day guy. He got a one year reprieve for smoking allowed in private offices. Needless to say, I was given a key and my own chair. Not a whole lot accomplished on the Clinical Systems that year, but our AR Days and billing was running like a well oiled machine.

  6. I can't remember too much, I got a fever and chest congestion, went to bed sometime yesterday and just got up, I'm shaking so bad that it took me ten minutes to post, I hope I can blog tonight, I'm going back to bed, if'n ya'll talk to Grumpy, let him know that the kid is down, but Iam thinking of him. Having some vivid nightmares about fishing in a sewer! BIg fish, non-edible.

  7. Madpole, I just got back from seeing him. He's in good spirits. I couldn't get my laptop to log on but we had a nice visit.

    Hope you are ok and God forbid you didn't pass it on to Grumpy. You didn't like kiss him on the mouth or anything? Did you :))

  8. In 2000, I was in the the hospital for same day surgery. The doctor said I shouldn't smoke for two days before, because of my COPD and the anesthesia. I managed (barely). After surgery, they used a nebulizer on me and for a couple hours,( before I started smoking again), my lungs felt better than they had in years. I had been smoking for 55 years and trying everything to quit the last 10, but those few hours when my lungs were cleared out gave me the stimulus to quit. Hope Grumpy might have the same results.

  9. Bud - I added that to barry's list of good things. That buck a pack tax in early 2009 gave me the impetus to quit in May of that year. Being as stubborn as they come, I did not do it for health reasons. I just didn't want to send another penny to DC. Those clowns both parties tend to waste it. We really do need another Senator like William Proxmire.

    I do consider it poetic justice if I live to vote Conservative in a couple additional election cycles.


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