Friday, July 22, 2011

Anonymous to release new data on the debt ceiling

I'm back, I just blocked him and all his alias on twitter, the group may have hijacked documents in the past, but so far today all they've done is spam twitter with hundreds of tweets

From the Administration that gave us Wiki Leaks.  The same administration that wants to Centralize Education and insists they need to keep Personally Identifiable on all our children from the time they enter kindergarten until they finish college-  they swear it will be safe and secure it there care- It will until the first time a hacker decideds to take it
After allegedly breaking into NATO’s servers this morning, the amorphous hacktivist collective Anonymous announced on Twitter that they had retrieved a document from the U.S. Treasury providing previously unseen information on the debt ceiling.

The document, which is a page long, was not obtained through illegal methods, says group spokesman “An0n0ps”. In an exclusive online chat with TheDC, An0n0ps stated that the data contained in this document will be “surprising” and will be detrimental to the GOP’s efforts in settling the debt ceiling issue.

The group plans to release the document on tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. EST, and has promoted the dump on Anonymous-related Twitter feeds, the largest of which has nearly 21,000 followers.

These actions, together with the NATO breach earlier today, have been part of a large, loosely-organized group called Operation AntiSec. Supporters of AntiSec, comprising of Anonymous members and hacktivists from the group LulzSec, are encouraged to “steal and publish” classified government documents online.
So far, AntiSec members have released thousands of classified documents from government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Twitter users should be able to follow the release and access the documents the document as soon as it is released by following Today I'm Grumpy About on Twitter at

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  1. Wait to go Grumpy. I can't wait to see the docs. Anonymous it appears is going to cause the White House a lot of grief. I look forward to it.

  2. an0n0psAnonOps

    #anonops someone is following me. I have to re encrypt my release. Give me 15 mins. Apologies

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    Editing acting up, so far

    Part 1 of 3 just released is fake. The "actual release" is coming via enc. in 30 mins. #anonops #antisec #lulzsec #lulz

    11 minutes agoan0n0psAnonOps

    #anonops someone is following me. I have to re encrypt my release. Give me 15 mins. Apologies

  3. anonymousabu_AnonymouSabu

    Sabu Has A New Account. Get On It. @AnonymouSabu_ - #AnonOps #Anonymous #AntiSec #LulzSec #Lulz

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    Well This Is Awkward. #AntiSec

  4. Surely not OUR anonymous. He/she/it would never post anything honest or negative about the current wannabe POTUS.

  5. Marine. followed some of the links, he kept changing names, some of the posts were all caps, and he he has a flair for the dramatic, and his phrasing was similar.. Don't think the critters that smart though.

    He's trying to recruit, if our Anon sees it I think they'd get along great.

    This one has a utube, he posted a couple links, straight to the Twilight Zone


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