Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Al Gore - Showing Republicans How to Win in 2012!

Al couldn't save his marriage to Tipper, but might he possess
the secret strategy for Republicans to save the Country?
Whoa, Al, you are so... "Da man!"

I remember watching Al lay this 'made for Porn' kiss on Tipper as I sat in my cushy chair in Jacksonville, FL. Moments later my dog (whom I believed was sleeping on the floor next to me) lifted her head and licked the underside of my right hand as it hung over the side of the chair. Somewhere in space, the scream which left my body continues to travel, unimpeded by distance, or distortion...

Did I really think that Al Gore snuck into my family room and put a 'Big Wet One' on the bottom of my hand? No, not really. But after seeing these two vapor-locked together onstage in 2000, well, I was just 'on edge'. My life would never be the same. And my eyes, they BURNED (Both from the onscreen tongue-lashing and the fact that I was laughing pretty hard after screaming like a school-girl).

I have recently been thinking about something Al Gore said that I caught on Television years ago. Turns out that the clip goes all the way back to the early 1990's when Clinton / Gore were looking to de-throne 'Bush 41 - The Elder'. Something Al said back then has continued to burn as an ember in the back of my mind through the years.

It was something about the State of our Union under George HW Bush. Something about how Bush 41 could not be trusted for four more years because of what he, and his administration had done to our economy, our standard of living, our unemployment rate, and in general, the well-being of our Country.

They say, "Seek and ye shall find". Well I looked, and tonight, I found it. Nestled between clips of Al spouting off about Global Warming (oops 'Global Climate Change'), clips of screaming about how GW Bush 43 -- The Younger "Played on our Fears!" and forcing our nation to do terrible things based upon lies, fabrications, and on the whole, 'meaness of Bush and Cheney', in general. It was right there. It was there waiting for me to re-discover it.

If Republicans want to displace President Obama in the White House, perhaps they should begin by chanting similar to the chant contained in the following video clip - every chance they get...

Wherever there is a camera - a microphone - or more than 4 people gathered together at a time, let them take up the chorus begun by Al Gore in 1992.

Let us learn from Al the lesson which is best summed up in John 8:32:

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Oh, and it'll help you win elections too... It just takes courage, consistency, and commitment. I just hope the Republicans are up to it. Everything Al chants in the video above can be laid at the feet of President Obama. The question is: Which Republican will carry this message to the People of America? If only we had someone with the passion of Al Gore, the political savy of Bill Clinton, and the loyalty of a Golden Retriever - we'd have the perfect candidate to beat the 'Punk of Pennsylvania Avenue'.

Imagine this: Al Gore's own words, boldly coaching a new wave of Conservatives into the House, Senate, and White House.

Yeah, life is good.

Gotta go. I need to shower after re-living that Y2K kiss which began this post. I'm feeling 'oogey' and there is a dog next to my chair 'eyeballing' my hand - which is odd - because this is a different dog...

Sometimes you don't need to teach an old dog a new trick. Sometimes you just need to teach a new dog an old trick.

I wonder if Republicans can learn from Al?

Sheesh, I hope so...

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  1. Ah the sex poodle. Now that Tipper finally left him, he has plenty of time to check the Pacific sea level daily. I wonder if he also has 3 power meters on his new abode in california? We really dodged a bullet in 2000. Mend some fences in TN my a--.....


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