Friday, June 3, 2011

The Weiner

By now everyone in the country with access to a newspaper, radio, TV or computer has heard about the lewd picture tweet from Congressman Anthony Weiner's account to a young lady in Washington State.  Weiner says the account was hacked and someone pranked him.. I can see that happening, it's a criminal offense, you're a congressman, call the FBI and get on with life. 

For some reason Weiner doesn't want to do that, he wants to handle it himself..  Yeah, not sure why he wants to spend his money on an investigation when he can spend ours.  He normally loves to spend taxpayer money, but it's certainly his right.

His answer to a very direct question seemed a little strange...  When asked directly if the photo was a photo of him he responded  He couldn't say "with certitude" and that the picture might have been photo shopped.

Anthony, there's not enough in that picture to connect it to you or anyone else.  Besides most of us could say, "With Certitude" if anyone had ever taken a picture like that of us...  If we had, presumably we'd have had a reason to remember who took it.

And the Mouth

From the Wiener lets go to the mouth, Congresswoman Wassermann Shultz, the new mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.... and a perfect example of the parties mentality..  Here she explains that gas prices are going up because we have plenty of inventory, we've issued new drilling permits and people are driving less... and the reason they're not going down is because we don't tax the oil companies more...

Weiner and Wasserman are consider two of the the Democratic Parties best and brightest rising stars.....

Now for some real news:

US Army Staff Sargent stops bank robbery
Sarasota Fla

Since the days of Dillenger, and Bonnie and Clyde the odds of sucessfully picking up a lot of quick easy cash robbing a bank have taken a major drop.  Now the banks give thieves exploding money that will leave them covered in dye.  Cameras are everywhere. With the advent of radio, pursing cops don't just go home when they get to the state or county line, they radio ahead.  The dollar amounts aren't that high any more either...  You'd be lucky to get a thousand bucks in exchange for twenty years in a federal prison..  As a result the quality of professional bank robbers has gone way downhill..   This idiot proves it..

Mathew Rogers tried to rob a bank while Eddie Peoples was inside..  That might have been his first mistake..  Peoples is a US Army Staff Sargent who was on leave..  Roger's next mistake was a biggie, Rogers threatened Sgt Peoples young sons with thehis gun... which turned out to be a toy.

Mathew Rogers was probably happy to see the police.

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  1. A good thing his first name is not Richard.

  2. Weiner and Shultz have been two of the rising stars of the Democrats. Always vile and arrogant and direspectful. Someone turned on the lights and revealed them to be cock roaches, running for cover of the MSM. Back to the shadows with ya bugs.

  3. If these 2 are the future of the democratic party, it really does look like 40 years of GOP control. But then I also said that once nancy became the speaker and harry the Senate Majority Leader. the weiner and washerwoman will have to step up their idiocy and moronic tendencies to supplant nancy and harry. Speaks volumes as to the low level of knowledge within those districts.

  4. Listen to the last 20 or 30 seconds of Debbie The Mouth's statement.

    Did she just have a "Freudian Slip" and say:

    "We will have to Weiner selves off of Foreign Oil".

    We got a "Winner With Her". Don't her sentence studders sound like a deep voiced female version of Elmer Fudd?

    Tupac Goldstein (SOLBROTHER 17)_

  5. I can honestly say from personal experience, there are many crazy people out there today who have a lot of time on their hands where they play cybergames all day.. thinking no one will catch me even if I am a VP of a Fortune 500 company or a Editor of a major newspaper.. or even a politician. The proof is in the IP address. All PC's have one. and if they use an anon hotmail address even that one can be traced. It is so easy to find out who sent what, when and where. Once they find out those facts.. then they need to really find out WHERE the guy was when it was sent.. end of story.. If he was having dinner with his wife when the tweet was sent.. then it was HACKED..

    However, if he wasn't.. then he has some splaining to do.. He is TOASTED.. I had to get mega proof to find my hacker.. turned out to be a VP of Jaguar Mining Industry and a Tulsa World Editor.. FACT.. got the IPs.. and email addresses to prove it. Did I pursue the situation.. nah.. the embarrassment of disclosure was enough.. ha ha.

  6. Guys, that's from a lady almost in our friend Yugo Mary's class

  7. Don't mess with those techno guru's. Our anonymous twit can't even keep his/her/its aliases straight. No whiz kid where he/she/it is concerned.

    (NOT you SOLBROTHER 17.) The regulars know exactly who I am referring to.

  8. Inspired by the Weinergate.


    Gone with the Weiner. "Frankly Scarlett I don't give a Weiner!"

    Cat on a Hot Tin Weiner.

    12 Angry Weiners.

    From Weiner with Love

    Jail House Weiner

    7 Brides for 7 Weiners


    All My Weiners

    The Weiner. (4 Angry Liberal women complain that the one conservative woman gets more Wiener)

    Face the Weiner.


    Smoke on the Weiner.

    Stairway to Weiner.

    Your Cheatin' Weiner.

    Rock and Roll Weiner.

    The name fits the man...cowardly, skulking, hall pass monitor...generally a weiner.

  9. If I had an Oscar Meyer Weiner...

  10. Captain... with your talents I think you could have some fun with this one....

    Fishy you don't and all the world is still in love with you... 'cept for a couple weird Florida Today Trolls

  11. :)) But I shall try too win them over. I'm a glass half full kinda girl. FB actually replied (unheard of) to one of my post.

  12. Fishy, not sure if you should be pleased or it you should treat it like a tweet from Weiner..

  13. Fishy. I won't ask you what I am thinking, but did you know in Japan they sell Weiners made out of ground up Fish? Totally disgusting.

    Marine, I only use aliases when I forget how to log in.

    BTW, you speeled twit wrong and did you know that he thinks you and I are the same. Remember the Elvis movie King Creole? Well, they're making a movie about about your friend called King Cretin.

    Here's a little Weiner song for you Fishygal.

    As usual,


  14. I'm such a twit. Here is the Weiner Song.


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