Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GO ERIC!!!!!!

These are Islamic Terrorists, they hate Christians and Jews, they hate Americans.  They kill people they hate by whatever means avaliable.. They kill the young children of people they hate, it's all the same to them,  They've been trained in the uses disguise, deceit, firearms and explosives.  They expect to captured or killed and been taught how endure the former and welcome the later, regardless of how painful it is.

This is Eric Holder, , he is a lawyer, he is the Attorney General for the United States,  arrogant son of a bitch and a jackass...  Eric believe's he and his fellow lawyers should be  America's primary defense against Islamic Jihadists

Holder might be on to something, We could bring these guys home to run the country. and send Holder and a couple brigades of government lawyers to replace them in Afghanistan..



  1. take the rules of engagement and shove them up Holder's ass. I wonder how many rounds of golf it takes for the Kenyan to forget the troops? His memmorial day round was disgusting.

  2. HA HA HA ... This is one of your best, Grumpy! Love it!

    Madpole, he remembered to send our troops off to Libya, before leaving for another vacation, this time in Brazil ... where he told Brazil Americans would be their "best customers" for the oil they drill ...

    It just never ends ... :(

  3. I didn't think it possible, but eric is more of a putz than barry. Now we need a billboard with AG Janet Reno on it with the caption "Miss Me Yet".

  4. Can we let Congress accompany ear ache into battle?

  5. Bud, that's one reason I said government lawyers.. Between the House and Senate there's enough lawyers to form at least one company of infantry and a recon platoon..I can think of several possiblites for the recon platoon..

    Madpole.. If he and a bunch of lawyers had to live or die by them.. I'd let Eric write the rules on engagement

  6. Others may differ in their opinions, but to me, a sine qua non to being qualified to set defense policy- or even to be involved in setting it, is having served in the military, preferably as a combat officer.

    As to the question of which courts should be used to try terrorists, Professor John Yoo from Berkeley Law should be the go-to guy:




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