Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Empowering Women

In order to save the world, 

Empowering women will significantly reduce carbon emissions and help save the world from the impending Global Warming Disaster.. According to the Grand Mucky Muck of the Church of Global Warming...

 I think most of the women reading this know where heading.  Guys, maybe not, It took me second even after I watched the video to realize that "Empowering Women" really means telling the how many children they may have, and when they have them.  I still haven't figure out how trying to restrict a persons rights is "Empowering"  but I'm not a politician.  What I have learned over the years is the nicer sounding the name of a politicians scheme the closer you better look at his plan.

Al Gore, being Al Gore overlooks a detail, actually several.  In the sixties similar dire predictions about the consequences of over population, the advent of The Pill and economic necessity caused enough pressure on responsible women in more developed countries to "Empower" them into having smaller families.

The US Birth Rate is 2.1 per couple, barely enough to sustain the population.  Most of Europe as well as Japan and South Korea have even lower birth rates and their population's are declining.  America's population is still growing, but that growth is the result of immigration, mostly Hispanic and largely illegal.  The illegals have a much higher birthrate than American women.  That's the reason some projections indicate that in the not so distant future, America's traditional White Majority will be a minority.

If the situation in Europe continues, the traditionally white christian countries will have Muslim majorities..

The world's Hispanic and Muslim populations aren't about to buy into Al Gores plan.  They've figured out they can use population instead of armies to conquer other countries..


  1. The coughing in the middle was by far the most intelligent part of that.

    PS My wife is VERY empowered already- and she wants more kids (we have 5 now).

  2. Yishai, you already have five, if you don't have grey hair now.. you will soon... a couple more won't make it any greyer.

    "The coughing in the middle was by far the most intelligent part of that"

    True but Scary, Gore was almost elected President

  3. Wish algore LLC would take his act to china. Hell there and other areas of SE Asia they cull by gender. al might develop a following. I doubt he has the intestinal fortitude to single handedly stand against a tank though.


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