Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Audacity of Hope and Obama's Liberal Foreign Policy

Following Obama's foreign policy is as difficult as following his agenda for America's economy and the latest debate over America's budget/economy. Who would have guessed that when this man stepped inside the White House, a dark cloud would descend over it, along with his apologies to the Islamic world for "America's mistakes". That was yesterday, what's happening today?

Well, for starters, tonight's poll reported on Fox News states that Obama's disapproval rating for America's economy is at 58% - wow! Who would have guessed?!

What about his foreign policies?

Earlier this month I reported that a ship an "Obama Inspired Ship to Join IHH Gaza Flotilla". The ship is called "Audacity of Hope" and is flying the American flag, on its way to break through Israel's blockade to Gaza. And, just in case anyone actually thinks these are just folks with compassion for Hamas terrorists and the Palestinians in Gaza, last night Debka Reports posted information from Israeli intelligence that some ships are containing chemical weapons. So much for "peace-loving" demonstrators. Secy. of State Clinton has recently stated that the U.S. disagrees with the Flotilla boat sailing, but considering the fact that one was allowed to sail with American flags flying high off the "Audacity of Hope", representing all Obama stands for and against, her words fall into a meaningless pit, just as Obama's declaration that he stands "for Israel" while he's against Israel.

The winds of "hope and change" are blowing, but the "change" taking place under Obama does not leave Americans with hope; which is why so many Conservative blogs are growing in leaps and bounds, leaving the main stream media in the dust! Which brings me to a brilliant description of Obama's foreign policy found on the National Review Online, by Victor Davis Hanson (below).

JUNE 22, 2011 4:00 A.M.
Obama’s Liberal Foreign Policy 
In Obama’s progressive calculus, disdain for the United States is a mark of authenticity.
The incoming hope-and-change Obama administration advanced the narrative that at home and abroad it cared far more for people than profits. Its “reset” diplomacy (all in the past “bad,” all in the future “good”) was supposed to be about multilateral consensus instead of Bush-era unilateral hubris. But after almost 30 months, it is now clear that in our dealings abroad values like human rights, constitutional government, free-market liberal economics, and transparency do not matter much to the Obama administration.
In all the acrimony over the Israeli-Palestinian open sore — forget disputed lands, past history, even the matter of an ally versus an entity that is in league with our enemies — no one in the Obama administration has once reminded the American people that Israel is a liberal democracy that respects the rights of minorities, women, homosexuals, and the “other” in a manner that is still impossible on the West Bank or in Gaza. That Israel is prosperous and wealthy without natural resources in a way that most of its neighbors are not means little — and why that is so means nothing at all.
Instead, American foreign policy is now becoming an extension not of classically liberal values, but of progressive suspicions of constitutional government, capitalism, and the historical role of the United States in particular and the West in general. The bowing to foreign potentates, the sad historical fabrications in the Cairo speech, the self-serving nonsense that arose in the first Al-Arabiya interview, and the so-called “apology tour” were simply superficial manifestations of a deeper ambiguity about America and its past and present values and world role.read more here...
And that report makes me "Grumpy" this evening.


  1. Just get better, this crazy world will still be crazy later!
    Thinking of you.

    Kathy - Who Won

  2. In the face of the Georgian invasion, the kenyan renegs on the the Poles and Czechs missile defense. That was it for me, I knew we had an incompetent nincompoop in the whitehouse. Libya is Hillary's war and proves her ineptness beyond "reset". These are not smart folks , just intellectuals.

  3. The poster above asks, who won? Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Al Queeeda and China all have benifitted from the tele-prompter's stint. But the poster is just a child itself , so it would never acknowledge it's error, just "pretend" that the kenyan is competent.

  4. After all, he is campaigning for world potentate. Really surprised he did not scarf up that IMF gig.

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  10. title change: "the audicity of HYPE & obama's liberal policy". get well & come back soon, grumpy...alphamom

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    Kathy - who won


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