Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Real Reform Must Start

Sandra found this interesting video and posted it first on Grumpy Educators..

Warning... this is a fast moving moving video

From Ken Robinson's Website
There is a paradox. As children, most of us think we are highly creative; as adults many of us think we are not. What changes as children grow up? Organizations across the globe are competing in a world that is changing faster than ever. They say they need people who can think creatively, who are flexible and quick to adapt. Too often they say they can't find them. Why not?

Why is it essential to promote creativity

What's the problem?

What can be done about it



  1. Rogue liberal teachers have stolen the idea of creativity. Unions further the ability for a teacher upon achieving tenure to be all but impossible to remove.

    Remove the Unions...hold the teachers accountable. Problem fixed.

  2. Sounds like some approve of the centralizing of government control over education and standardizing efforts. Parents are resisting standardized test driven classrooms, nine states who did not get RT3 funds continue to resist signing on to common core efforts, New Hampshire is considering a bill to reverse the acceptance, school boards are questioning. All across the political spectrum questions mount on the direction of nationalized education, a common unity is the concern, some of the questions are the same, some are different. These questions are not ignorable.

  3. Captain... Arme Ducan had a reputation in Chicago as a Union Buster, he wasn't overly happy about parents having a role in education either..

    He brought those traits with him to DC. He also believes in centralized control of the Schools,, a couple corporations, under the direction of the president get to decide what kids are allowed to learn.

    There wasn't much competive bidding to decide who those corporations whould be.

  4. The opportunities for any type of public discussion are notably absent; but groups are forming. I follow views across the spectrum. Here's an additional and decidedly conservative view from a Utah parent on common core standards and math.


  5. Not sure who the "some people" are. My comments stand as written. What is your solution? That was after all...the question asked.

    If the ship is sinking..standing around complaining about wet feet is useless.

  6. TO Captain BE: I keep reporting those actions being taken from all over the country. I was informed today of yet another group forming. I already posted some of their materials and will post their website once it opens.

    Speaking strictly from me, before action, information needs to be gathered - all the information. Emphasis on the "all." I present information and I only hope folks read and only hope for meaningful analysis and dialogue. The powers that be have done an effective job at shutting that down.

    I like "If the ship is sinking...." I don't see any water taken on yet, but signs that the ship needs attention. I oppose the effort to develop a new generation of more standardized tests at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars by a non-public entity with no accountability and already reporting they cannot meet the requirements on time, within budget, or with the technology they have. Why should that effort continue?

  7. Captain... the some are Arme Ducan and Barack Obama, the Merit Pay fights are part of implementation of Obama's RTTT.

    When a political party with a majority in a State Legislature says they don't give a flying you know what about what a program costs, HTF they're going to get money to pay for it and tell the taxpayer's it's not their business. they are stopping conversation.. That's exactly what Tally did.

    It's exactly the same procedure Pelosi and Peid used to pass Obamacare... What is your solution? Sounds very much like the way they shut down up anyone who disagreed with them.

    You want a solution... Start by getting the kids we can't educate out of the class room.. Eighty percent of the kids in public school can do great at about half our current per pupil cost.. In our attempts to mainstream those with learning problems we mix them into regular classes.. that brings down the teaching level for the entire class because they can't be allowed to fail.. get left behind..

    The same holds true with gang kids, any idea how much one class clown can dumb down a teachers efforts?

    Trying to educate a terminally ill semi comatose student costs a million dollars a year, we have hundreds of them in Florida..

    We keep severly leaning disabled kids in school until they're 22 years old, and then give the a diploma they can't read... those kids cost 3-4-5 times as much as "normal student" just to keep in school..

    When a ships sinking you don't take on more heavy cargo... and wonder why it's sinking faster

  8. ttp://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/education/os-imani-charter-parents-letter-20110503,0,189754.story

    Over $600,000 of taxpayer's money lost and a year of student learning for the pass-it-now-fix-it-later legislating adventures of the Florida legislature.

  9. Now we have something we can discuss. Grumpy, How would you determine which children "we can't educate"?

    I appreciate Sandra's efforts in research. I have yet to see Sandra's ideas of what we should do?

    On a side note...other than sinking, the night was quite beautiful on board the Titanic.

  10. But a bad night to take on a load of ice.

    I had a neighbor with an eighteen year old daughter.. Attractive, really sweet kid. Daddy beat the crap out of her mother while she was pregnant.. causing mental damage

    She's one of the one's they'll keep in school until she's eighteen, on a good day she can read the word on a stop sign, on a bad day she'll struggle with the letters..

    It costs about 50,000 a year to keep her in school... lot's of field trips, lot's of personal attention... she tends to need a chaperone..

    Before you ask... I don't know where daddy is..

  11. Ok..well we are done with her...so what about the others? Those not so obvious cases?

  12. Less obvious, like our Anonymous Spammer?

    How would you teach a civic class with him in the room calling people names? It's clear someone wasted a lot of time trying, how much did he/she/it dumb down every class it was in?

  13. Did we skip class and jump to dodge ball?

  14. What Sandra would do? I am focused on the nationalizing of standards and assessments for now. First, I share the information so folks have some idea. As I said, education reform is underreported, and deliberately so. Second, when it comes to legislative folly, I alert my legislators of their folly, I call and write. They are accountable and often under informed. I do NOT tell others to do the same, often disappointed when they do not. Third, NCLB is up for U.S. Congressional refunding and revision. There is consensus NCLB requires major surgery. If they don't do something soon, NCLB legislates that 100% of American children must be proficient in reading. Failure to achieve 100% is likely and will cause more funding loss to schools. The 100% is no exaggeration. So, there is an opportunity for ordinary Americans to have a say about how this bill will be rewritten and revised. But if ordinary Americans don't have a clue about what is at stake, then how can there be any discussion on what to do? I remain vigilant that a NCLB redo does not morph into nationalized legislation. There are too many indicators in that direction. Finally, I join with other groups who remain on top of events and organize to push against these so-called reform efforts.

    On this abomination, my legislator will soon hear from me that the pass-it-now-fix-it-later fails to protect my tax dollars and fails students.

    What other ideas are there out there on what to do?

  15. Captain.. Schools have changed, I'm raising a grandson and seeing things that would have gotten us beat, our children in a lot of trouble.. and now it's "accepted"... or tolerated...

    Few months ago my grandson stepped into a shoving match. A big fourth grader was was pushing around a second grader. My grandson's also in forth grade, but the big kid outweighs him by 40 pounds. The big kid's 140 plus pounds, my gradson's about 100 the big one's a year older and learning disabled.

    The school nursed called to tell me my grandson had been bit badly enough to require a trip to the doctor.. Wasn't that bad, but he had to get a tetnus shot..

    The big kids mother thought it was funny..

  16. Sorry to hear that Gumpy..human bites are nasty.

    Take your time on answering the question though.

    The problem is we have signed over responsibility for our children to the state...that was done quite some time ago..and it has crept into every aspect of our lives.

    We can oppose everything...but without a viable alternative...we will be getting what they give us. Not sure about you...but I am tired of getting the bones from the table.

    Sandra I understand you oppose it...what do you support.

  17. Captian.. if the enemy has you pinned down with an overwhelming force, you have to break free of that before you can attack.

    This year the Federal Government is trying to take resposiblity for our children not just from parents but take the control from the States as well.. If Obama/Ducan get there way there will be no local control over any aspect of education.

    Florida is in the process of approving virtual charters schools.. as I understand it, those schools won't even be required to have a physical presence in the state. The concept is being pushed by Obama/Duncan along with Cenral Core Standards.. and cenralized records

  18. Captain Black Eagle: I am sorry if after 49 blogs what I support has not been clear enough for you. I must assume that you support the current State and federal education reform efforts to nationalize standards, assessment, and curriculum conducted by non-public entities with no public accountability.


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