Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files

Since January, when Sandra in Brevard first reported that Florida had accepted 9.8 Million dollars from the Federal Government to data mine public school students she's been finding more and more evidence that the government now considers everything about you their business.

According to the DOEd, the government needs to know if you are a blond haired, blue eyed Republican who attends Catholic Church irregularly but votes in every election so they can factor that into your child's education plan.  By the way, it's also imperative for them to have your blood type and the name of your family doctor...

Over the last few days we've learned that Secretary of Education believes it's necessary to start compiling a persons data at birth.. to determine when the child will be ready for kindergarten,,,, and as you'll see in a couple minutes, the Department of Labor Believes they need the information to determine how all this affects a persons career choices.

Don't worry though, the Department of Education will only share your information with another government agency, or non government organization if they ask for it, and a clerk at the DOE feels they have a valid need to know

As we speak the Department of Education is busy rewriting the regulations it follows in regard to the Privacy Act and the Fourth Amendment so they'll be in compliance with Government Rules and Regulations, if not the Constitution..

The Constitution's an outdated document that needs to be replaced anyway, if I recall what Barack Obama had to say before he took an oath to defend it.  As far as I know, the last government in the Free World to compile information like this about it's citizens for educational purposes, was Hitler's Nazi Germany..

I found more evidence of the government's intentions yesterday in a Daily Caller Article titled

Conservative group accuses Education Dept of invading students’ privacy with new FERPA rules

A conservative non-profit is raising privacy concerns over a Department of Education (DoED) rule change that will allow for “personally identifiable information” about students to be shared with other government departments. Personally identifiable information that could potentially be shared includes hair color, blood type, family health history and students’ grades and other academic records.

The DoED rule changes are part of a reinterpretation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The proposed changes have conservative group American Principles in Action (APIA) up in arms. APIA says they are a breach of students’ and families’ privacy rights.

The DoED’s changes, which it says are necessary because it needs to “judge the effectiveness of government investments in education,” would allow “personally identifiable information” about individual children collected in public schools to be shared with departments other than the DoED. For instance, the DoED could share information with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or the Department of Labor (DOL).

The DoED dismissed the concerns APIA raised about student privacy by hiring a new “Chief Privacy Officer,” opening a new “Privacy Technical Assistance Center,” and issuing new technical briefs and reports on how DoED thinks student privacy rights can be best served. That still isn’t enough to alleviate the APIA’s concerns.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/30/conservative-group-accuses-education-dept-of-invading-students-privacy-with-new-ferpa-rules/#ixzz1NtR7rJCN


Please read the rest of the article, it goes into some probable additional government uses for the information

The guy who wants to steal your information in violation of the Fourth Amendment and The Privacy Act, wants to be sure it's done according to the rules he just wrote to allow him to violate the Constitution and Privacy Act.. That's reassuring.. 

After Wiki Leaks I'm sure the Government will safeguard the information properly, as well.  This is the government that has at different times, misplaced, lost or had stolen, millions of Social Security, Veterans and other private records, we have every reason to trust the Department of Education..

Personally I think it's time to send a reminder to the Government that we have a Constitution for a reason.  We need to tell Congress to get off their rear ends and stop this crap.  We need to tell the Administration that changing or reinterpreting the Constitution is way above the pay grade of a Presidentual Appointee.

We need to do it in a way no future President will ever forget.   


  1. "US-based global defence firm Lockheed Martin says it has beefed up security around remote access to its IT network after a "significant and tenacious attack" on 21 May, which could be linked to an earlier breach at security firm RSA." Millions of corporate users were/are at risk.

    Lockheed Martin is in the defense business and has invested heavily in multi-tiered security protection systems for very good reason.

    Where will the money come to protect student data in the same manner? Maybe there is no reason to create this database in the first place.

  2. I checked some teacher union rally speeches over at You Tube and the looniest lefties are in rabid opposition to Gates' takeover, I think on the grounds of accountability and job security. Either way, we could use some opposition allies.

  3. There is only one reason to created this data base;

    That is to be able to identify the race, intelligence, aptitudes as well as the religious and political beliefs of every individual in the country for ANY and ALL uses the government sees fit..

  4. Madpole... it's taken them long enough, I guess teachers are a little slow, but they are starting to realize big government, run by progressive liberals isn't necessarily their friend..

  5. If history is any indication, the Govt. invests in I/T and Security that is shall we say NOT cutting edge. They went all in on Burroughs when that manufacturer was in its death throes. Also with the high turn over or better offers to employees, the data would be about as safe and secure as accidently leaving you I-Phone in a fast food restroom.

    I think I would be more apt to trust all data that should remain secure with a used car salesman. They have higher integrity.

  6. Good point Marine. While the very idea of data mining our children is scary, expecting our government to actually do something with the information would be giving them too much credit.

  7. I agree with the Marine about the trustworthyness of governement...

    SOL It's what they plan on going with it that's scary.. If the plans go off target who ends ip with how much valuable information about all of us

  8. In my humble opinion, this is not a conservative/progressive/Republican/Democrat issue. The political establishment is on the same side when it comes to so called education reform. State leaders have agreed to all proposals going full speed ahead. However, for parents, the common unity, is concern over the grab to centralize and marginalize parents and local control, no matter political ideology and party affiliation. In other words, when regular people get all the information they are entitled to, they understand. The hard part is uncovering the information.

  9. Sandra, up to a point..

    The guy in charge always gets the credit, or the blame.. Right now the guy in charge is a very progressive democrat.. The scheme was dreamed up and is being driven by Bill Gates, another very liberal progressive..

    That the Republican State Legislatures swallowed it, hook, line and sinker tells me the voters need to reconsider who is representing them at a state level.

    Now we can only hope the current makeup of the US House has some brains and believes in the Constitution..

    They promised to show Constitutional Authority for everything they passed ..... this could be interesting

  10. Sorry, this plan started with the previous administration. The schools are still under the requirements of No Child Left Behind. Sorry, but a former Governor has powerful influence over these matters.
    No time to waste on the blame game, the current US Congress has begun to look at the reauthorization of NCLB and making revisions. What will THEY cook up? The Party Establishment on BOTH sides will exert influence. So far all Republicans support current initiatives or are silent. Go figure. More articles are appearing calling them out for this.

  11. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/race-to-the-cradle/

    Regarding last week's announcement about the new early childhood funding initiative, Neil McCluskey of CATO says this:
    "That this new RTTT exists — and made it through a GOP-majority House – sure isn’t a good sign for things to come, either in education or beyond."

    You might want to read blogger Missouri Education Watchdog on legislative failure or rather, cooperation:

  12. Agreed again up to a point.. NCLB was the brainchild of George Bush and Ted Kennedy.. It has been relently pushed by George Bush's brothers who according to some have a hidden financial interest in the testing.

    That RTTT made it through the House is an indication the current House of Rersentatives is no more inclined to read a bill before passing it than the last one..

  13. Neil Bush started a company called IGNITE, which was a computer-based program to help prepare for testing. The stories that suggest a cozy relationship between the Bush family and McGraw-Hill have circulated for years now. So what do we know? Same old, same old.

    Maybe this time, the rest of us need to be watching with greater interest what the U.S. Congress does to "fix" what they doesn't work with NCLB. The old, "pass it now fix it later" strategy comes to haunt

  14. You know, I believe this started before Obama and GW Bush. If you go back and read about Marc Tucker and the famous 18 page letter to Hillary Clinton in 1994, the plan was unveiled then.



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