Monday, May 23, 2011

NYT Confirms much of what Sandra has reported

I believe Sandra in Brevard has now posted 57 stories, blogs and videos about education reform on Grumpy Educator this year.  When she started her primary focus was on Florida's Education Reform  Law SB 736...   Inspite of everyone complaining about teachers being forced to teach to the test, in their wisdom they made it clear they wanted more tests... and they didn't care how they were going to pay for them 

In one of her first blogs about reform Sandra, wrote about Florida taking 10,000,000 dollars from the Federal Government to Data mine our kids personal information..  Bill Gates had a major role the plan..

Then she wrote about the a scheme being promoted by the Eli Board Foundation... they would train qualified people to become school board suprintendents.  When a school board hired them.. The Eli Board Foundation would subsidize their salary, with money from Bill Gates..

It seemed like every time some new portion of the plan was revealed... Bill Gates had something to do with it...   It looked like every person and organization supporting the President's Education reform proposals was tied to Bill Gates...  At one point I told Sandra it looked like he was learning from George Soros..  Sandra thought it was the other way around.. Gates was making Soros look like a novice.. she might be right 

I couldn't figure out why Jeb Bush was supporting Obama's Education Plans, yesterday I found out it might have something to do with the money Jeb's Foundaton was getting was getting from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, $500,000 of that's been discovered so far...  Hell for $500,000 bucks I'd spend a hour on stage with Barack Obama and pretend I believed in something he was doing

Sandra wasn't the only one tripping over Bill Gates every time she did some education research..  Recently more and more independent bloggers like Sandra have been seeing the same thing.  Either the New York Times figured out the bloggers were on to something, and they'd better get in the act or they'd been doing their own investigating,

On Saturday day the New Times published, 

Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates.       

 I'd strongly suggest you click the title and read the NYT story... but I know most of you won't... so from the story with an occasional comment from me... here's a few of points the story bring up

The foundation is also paying Harvard-trained data specialists to work inside school districts, not only to crunch numbers but also to change practices. It is bankrolling many of the Washington analysts who interpret education issues for journalists and giving grants to some media organizations.   

Few policy makers, reporters or members of the public who encounter advocates like Teach Plus or pundits like Frederick M. Hess of the American Enterprise Institute realize they are underwritten by the foundation.    (Hess got 500,000 from Gates)   

It’s Orwellian in the sense that through this vast funding they start to control even how we tacitly think about the problems facing public education,” said Bruce Fuller, an education professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who said he received no financing from the foundation  (Start Hell, Gates wrote Obama's entire Education Reform proposal)


The foundation paid a New York philanthropic advisory firm $3.5 million “to mount and support public education and advocacy campaigns.” It also paid a string of universities to support pieces of the Gates agenda. Harvard, for instance, got $3.5 million to place “strategic data fellows” who could act as “entrepreneurial change agents” in school districts in Boston, Los Angeles and elsewhere.


The foundation has given to the two national teachers’ unions — as well to groups whose mission seems to be to criticize them
While the foundation has given money to both the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, totaling about $6.3 million over the last three years, some of its newer initiatives appear aimed at challenging the dominance that unions have exercised during policy debates.

Last year, Mr. Gates spent $2 million on a “social action” campaign focused on the film “Waiting for ‘Superman,’ ” which demonized Randi Weingarten, the president of the federation.   


In 2010, the foundation gave $500,000, to the Foundation for Educational Excellence, founded by Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida.
(there are a lot of people who believe Jeb Bush should run for President... they need to know that he supports GATES-Obama education..  and about the 500,000)   


A document describing plans for the group, posted on a Washington Post blog in March, said it would mobilize local advocates, “establish strong ties to local journalists” and should “go toe to toe” with union officials in explaining contracts and state laws to the public.

But to avoid being labeled a “tool of the foundation,” the document said the group should “maintain a low public profile.”   


Over the next five or six years, Mr. Golston said, the foundation expects to pour $3.5 billion more into education, up to 15 percent of it on advocacy

That's only a small portion of what the Times had to say... as I said earlier, I suggest you read the entire thing..

And what the New York Times has reported so far is only a fraction of what Independent Bloggers like Sandra In Brevard have unearthed, but we'll get back to that in another blog a bit later this morning.

Pretty sure most of you are wondering why Gates would go to such extremes.. spending hundreds of millions of dollars so far (with billions more projected,) to "Fundamentally Change" America's Educational System...

Bill Gates would have you believe he's a concerned American who knows how to fix America's broken Education System...

The truth of the matter is Obama's Education Schemes, which were designed by Gates will generate Tens of Billions for the Gates Empire..



  1. Can someone just ask the dwarf, what the hell are is he doing?, North Korea is ripe for his ambitions, leave us the hell alone!

  2. Race to the Top policies require more testing than NCLB plus the establishment of a longitudinal data collection from preschool through college. There are many problems with current policy. What to do now?
    1) Not more testing. NUT = No Unnecessary Testing
    2) The so-called "new generation" in testing handled by non-public consortia say they cannot meet expectations due to time, money, and technological constraints. Stop work until the impacts can be adequately studied and addressed. Be ready to end the project or adjust it per results of analysis.
    3) Cease development of preschool to college data collection school children. How can data be collected that both protects student identity and be linked to that specific student's performance and that of the teacher and still be secure and meet FERPA requirements? If it cannot be explained to parents and the public, why this massive collection of data is a priority spending initiative and how FERPA will remain intact, then pull the plug. No do it now, fix it later, please.

  3. Sandra, there is NO legitimate reason for the Federal Government to be collecting information about peoples religious or political beliefs....

    Why the hell do they need to know what people do in their bed rooms? Umless Harvard dindn't teach that course..


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