Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Memorial Day Tribute

There are those of us who have served our country in the military.  At the end of the tour we returned home...yet there are those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  I was proud to have served this nation...and prouder still of the men and women who came before and after me.  The danger to this nation has always been real...and our young people are the ones called upon to take up the flag.

The following video was made originally for Veteran's Day, however, a group of my friends have said that it should be seen at every possible opportunity.

This is my list of people who by way of their existence made me who I am...either by direct action...or by the legacy they left behind.

Seaman 1st Class Ben White (Killed off the Azores) RIP

Gunner's Mate C.L. Younger (WWII Pacific Campaign) RIP

Private Wallace Morene Big Red 1 WWII RIP

Private Bertrum Morene 82nd Airborne WWII RIP

Ensign Ed White WWII Yorktown and Enterprise RIP

Private Bob White Marines WWII RIP

Sgt Thomas J. Pryor USAF RIP

CMSGT Edward J. Norton II Vietnam

CMSGT John Parks Vietnam

Private James Hughes CSA Pickett's Division Civil War RIP

Private Abner Morene CSA Hills Division Civil War RIP

Unk Rank John White Greene's Army American Revolution RIP

Senator Sam Ervin (Watergate) Family Friend RIP

Please Add the people you want to remember.


  1. Captain... I looked at that video off and on all day yesterday... hoping you'd decide to repost it... If you hadn't done it today I was going to ask you about it tomorrow.. Thank you sir..

  2. Msgt Charles L Davis, WW2/Korea, My dad
    Msgt JC Davis, Korea My Uncle
    Glade Tibble, WWI, My grandpa's brother
    Fenton Tibble WWI, My grandpa's brother

    Sgt Rick Martin RIP, May 1968, Vietnam, one week short of 21 years of age, one month after arriving in county, a good friend

    My son, USN, 1989-1993

    My husband, USAF ret, 1968-1996

    My thanks to all who served

  3. And their wives who put up with a lot of things most women wouldn't...

  4. I'll add 2 more

    My great grandfather James Davis CSA Mississippi, passed in 1931

    My niece, SRA Jessica Bauer, 2008 to present, deploying this Thursday

    My prayers are with her.

  5. Amen Grumpy, they could be the unsung hero's. We held down the fort.

  6. My Grandfather, USS Constellation, WWI US Merchant Marine WW II

    My Grandfather, US Army WWI

    MY Uncles, Army and USMC WWII

    My father, who got caught trying to enlist in the Marines on his older brothers Birth Certificate, served in the National Guard (underage) and finally managed to get into the Merchant Marine when no one was looking

  7. Fishygal said... My niece, SRA Jessica Bauer, 2008 to present, deploying this Thursday

    On that note, Fishy.. let's not forget Moos, Captain Black Eagle and Aquagrump all have sons currnetly serving

  8. Very nice tribute - the number listed as killed in the Civil War is probably about on third of the total. Over 620,000 were killed on both sides - equivalent to 2 percent of the population or 6 million today. Over 50,000 civilians died. Of those killed, only about on third were ever identified. Civil War soldiers didn't carry "Dog Tags" or necessarily any other form of identification until very late in the war. The book "This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War" by Drew Gilpin Faust gives an excellent account of the carnage.

    We average one war about every ten years - will it ever stop? Probably not.

    My uncle Willy was killed at Normandy.


  9. Examiner,

    That is probably true for all the wars listed, especially those of the Civil War era. I used the numbers reported by the veterans administration, and were only intended as an approximation.

    War is in the nature of man.


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