Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's always about race

I couldn't add much to this piece from Big Jounalism if I tried.  Jeff Dunetz points out some people can find racial sybolism in anything..

CNN Story On WH Situation Room: More Drama Than Journalism
Jeff Dunetz

Sometimes it gets comical when writers try to find deep meaning in things. Sure its an appropriate exercise in the cases of biblical writings, or great literature such as Shakespeare. But when they try to find the meaning of life in the latest episode of South Park, or Archie Comics writers have fallen into the ridiculous.

A May 5th article posted on the CNN website took this practice to a new low. They came up with something so ridiculous, that it makes one wonder if the network intends to replace the rich deep voice of James Earl Jones in their (This is CNN) tag to the high squeak of Pee Wee Herman.

The article in question was based in the now famous picture of the White House situation room during the raid on bin Laden’s compound.

The writer (John Blake) took this picture and decided that it had a powerful subliminal message about the history of race relations in America, while showering so much praise on the President that the reader will wonder why the Pope hasn’t yet granted him Sainthood (must be a racist!).
Most commentators have focused on the historic nature of the photo: Obama staring at the screen with a grim intensity; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, covering her mouth to repress her reaction — the epicenter of U.S. military power hunting down its most hated foe.

But look deeper and that photo becomes historic in a more subtle way. It’s a snapshot of how much this nation’s attitudes about race, women and presidential swagger are changing, several scholars and historians say
When reading this opening I wondered if he was pointing out that all the key players were sitting around the table, but the man who should have been a key player, the President was sitting off in a corner to the side. Kind of made one suspect either he wasn’t so involved, he was being punished, or because Blake mentioned race, he was suggesting that the all-white crowd around the table forced the African-American President to sit in the corner

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  1. I had fun with this one on Usatoday... Hilary has no idea what is going on.. She is unqualified as well. Doesn't even know how to speak a second language.. and yet here she is.. Secretary of State.. Go Figure.. and then Bang Head here.. The problem with this country.. is that People have lost the perspective of hiring qualified folks.. They put in their pals.. and then some.. I don't have a problem with this.. IF they are qualified.. it's when they are dweebs.. morons.. like Hilary.

  2. John Blake...proving once again that the acceptance of liberalism means the abandonment of common sense.

  3. Swan, In 2008 it was her consolation prize, and a way to keep the Clintons from splitting the party. Now with her stuck as Secretary of State, Obama can keep her out of the Country, keeps her from being a threat in 2012...

    Bob... For John Blake to read race into that picture says more about him than it says about anyone else.. Won't go into what it says about CNN...except it drops them down to the MSNBC level

  4. Swan,,, Hillary got the job as a consolation prize, and to keep the Clintons from splitting the party.. Obama needs to keep her there now, for the same reason.

    Bob... Kinda drops CNN down to MSNBCs level. John Blake would find racial symbloism in someone telling him it's a nice day...has to be some kind of illness

  5. To the libs maybe. They have to have someting to continue the divide.


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