Friday, May 13, 2011

I'll keep this

Short and Sweet

I must share the conversation I just had with Mr. Fishy.

We were watching NBC nightly news. Brian Williams was talking about the documents found in Osama’s compound. I said

“Too bad they didn’t find something with the president of Pakistan’s name on it”

Mr. Fishy, thinking on his feet, and always with dry wit replied

“It would have been a pay stub”.


OMG I love this man.


  1. Pakistani Government Pay Stub

    Name: Usama Bin Laden (aka Stanley Finklestein)

    Position: International Terrorist/Hide and Seek pro.

    Gross Pay: 12 Goats
    FICA: 3 Goats and a chicken
    State Tax: 1 Goat and a virgin

    Net Pay: 7 Goats, 3 chickens
    Bonus: 10 Virgins courtesy of the U.S. Navy

  2. I think that's 10 virgin goats

  3. LOL

    Yes Madpole, He's been making me laugh for coming up on 41 years.

    Good one Capt.

    Grumpy, 10 virgin BILLY goats

  4. Kick in a pair of Male roosters.

  5. I saw that on a want ad is western NC

  6. Did they call them roosters or "game Cocks" Oh shoot that's SC. LOL


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