Saturday, May 21, 2011


As of now we have thirty minutes or so to go, Assuming we're talking about Eastern Time and if the predictions correct  . I'm more inclined to believe prophecies like this are based on California time so most of us still have time for dinner and a few drinks..  Lefty Greene says he has a case of booze and a fire going if anyone wants to join him

Preacher and evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping has announced that Jesus Christ will return to Earth this Saturday, May 21, and many of his followers are traveling the country in preparation for the weekend Rapture. They're undeterred, it seems, by Mr. Camping's dodgy track record with end-of-the-world predictions. (Years ago, he argued at length that the reckoning would come in 1994.) We've yet to learn what motivates people like him to predict (and predict again) the end of the world, but there's a long and unexpected psychological literature on how the faithful make sense of missed appointments with the apocalypse.

The most famous study into doomsday mix-ups was published in a 1956 book by renowned psychologist Leon Festinger and his colleagues called When Prophecy Fails. A fringe religious group called the Seekers had made the papers by predicting that a flood was coming to destroy the West Coast. The group was led by an eccentric but earnest lady called Dorothy Martin, given the pseudonym Marian Keech in the book, who believed that superior beings from the planet Clarion were communicating to her through automatic writing. They told her they had been monitoring Earth and would arrive to rescue the Seekers in a flying saucer before the cataclysm struck.



  1. BTW Everyone, I have it on good authority that if we survive today, something else is happening in California that will seem strange to anyone except, Californians and the Media

    The Cow Guy reports at 11:00... maybe

  2. 6:11 California time. Guess we aren't part of the saved bunch. DAMN

  3. Iceland had a volcanic eruption. only sign of an earthquake I've seen

  4. Good to see Y'All this morning.


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