Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bouncing the Cat

This, from Wikipedia:  The term "dead cat bounce" is derived from the idea that "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height".

Also:  Dead cat bounce is a Wall Street term that refers to a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock.

I've heard quite a bit over the past two days about President Obama's approval rating jumping 10% following the announcement of UBL's (or OBL's) departure from this plane of existence. 

Within hours of UBL's (or, you know, OBL's) death proclamation by President Obama the media lit up their multiple outlets with stories about the focus of THIS President on the primary objective of the War on Terror (not sure, can I still call it the 'War on Terror'?  If not, please accept my apologies.) 

This new talking points objective?:  The death of ONE MAN.

Oh, now I get it. Sunday evening the War on Terror morphed into the War on Bin Laden. 

Thanks for sharing the news with us, CBS, NBC, ABC, HuffingtonPost, NY Times, and Fox News.  No, seriously, 'Mission Accomplished'.  It's good to know that after almost ten years, the loss of thousands of soldiers' lives in combat, Billions of dollars spent that we were, 'wrong' the whole time.  

So while the death of ONE man holds the hopes of our [IRONY ALERT] Nobel-Peace-Price-winning President Obama's approval resurrection, let me ask you this:  What's next?

The President is taking his first trip to 'Ground Zero' today to bask in the adoration of the grateful American Nation.  GW Bush declined the invitation to attend this 'Love' (or perhaps, 'Death') Fest in Manhattan, to his credit.

Today's trip to Ground Zero will usher in the decline of President Obama's approval 'bump'.  Soak up the sun oh great pontificator, dispenser of truth, protector of America, and 'sensitive to the needs of the Muslim burial proceedings' President Obama - for as the sun sets today, your approval rating will as surely begin its descent.

For a while Pew and other sources will be focusing America on the greatness of this man, but I looked at another poll. A poll which I believe will outlast the momentary glow of the President's accomplishment (watching his announcement Sunday evening - HE did it all, apparently, with some small amount of support by the military).  

The 'Other Poll' was a Rasmussen Poll from April 25th, 2011.  In this poll, only 25% of Americans believe that America is heading in the right direction.  One year earlier this number stood at 33%. 

Yeah, yet more 'change you can believe in'.

As the glow from his beneficent countenance fades from LCD's all across America this evening, Americans will once again be concerning themselves with the business of America - working, caring for their families and paying their bills.  And once they do, they will remember, and focus upon why three out of four of them are 'concerned' about the direction of our nation is heading on.

Then, the bounce ends, and the approval of that multi-lived 'Cat' in the White House once again...


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

p.s.:  My hat’s off to the people who actually made this happen, the military, the CIA, and those serving at Gitmo who got the information which lead intelligence ‘down the road’ to Pakistan.
p.p.s.:  Giving President Obama credit for the feat of  ‘getting Osama’ is like giving credit to the guy who answered your phone call for making, then delivering your pizza, uphill (both ways) in a snowstorm, in less than 15 minutes while the pizza is still ‘piping hot’.  The phone answerer (a.k.a.:  The President) ’took the order’ as others did the heavy lifting to pull it off – yes, the guy answering the phone was NOT the team which made, or delivered the pizza.  It was merely the 'Kid' who answered the phone. 

p.p.s.:  Please remember to TIP your pizza delivery people, CIA, and Members of the US Military – thanks! 
They, after all, work for a living.  They get the call.  THEY do the work.


  1. He didn't even make the call.. just decided he wanted pizza and asked someone to order it for him... after some discussiom of toppings

  2. Oops, seeing a visit from the local SPCA.

  3. This would have made thing difficult

    During the raid, Pakistani fighter jets were closing in on U.S. helicopters, but the strike force escaped just before the planes arrived, officials said.

    Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said two F-16s were immediately scrambled when foreign helicopters were detected over Bin Laden's compound.

    The new detail revealed just how close U.S. forces came to a potentially deadly confrontation with the Pakistani military

  4. Grumpy, I can understand why our Military didn't let Pakistan know they were coming. This is the way Jack Bauer would have done it - why knock when you can simply blow up the door?

    Although Jack would have only needed a bowie knife, two rolls of duct tape, and a Vespa.

    Need some clarification here, can you spot a Vespa on radar? And, if you can, would it look like a mini-bike, a donkey (wrapped in tin foil), or a MiniCooper? Hmm, I wonder?

  5. If, as reported, the good guys were on the ground for 40 (38) minutes, and the Packy F-16s were scrambled when the helicopters were detected over Bin Laden's compound, it doesn't speak well of the Packy Air Force. I don't think our guys were in much danger. (In fact, I don't think they ever knew our guys were there, until it was announced.

  6. Bud,,, sorting out who did what, when and how, has become a cross between a national joke, and a national pastime..

    Something else is being reported by Al Jazeera...looks like the president asked the wrong Islamic funeral director for advise..

    As fot the Paki military.. besides the forty miutes to scramble four jets... there's a "huge" army base 2 clicks away..They should have been able to round up a platoon, draw weapons and take a five minute ride (or less) ride in less than 40 minutes.

  7. Grumpy said: "As fot the Paki military.. besides the forty miutes to scramble four jets... there's a "huge" army base 2 clicks away..They should have been able to round up a platoon, draw weapons and take a five minute ride (or less) ride in less than 40 minutes"

    Shoot Grumpy, if they took the VESPAs referenced above, they would have been there in less than 8 minutes. Foil-wrapped donkees would have gotten them there in about 30 minutes. Assuming that the SEALs hadn't 'duct-taped' all the donkee's legs together in advance. (It's what Jack would have done)

  8. Wonder if local cops ride foil wrapped donkeys as well

    Al Jazeera added to the list of things done wrong.... according 10 the 10 or so Imans they referenced... You never bury someone at sea unless they die to far from land to make a land burial possible.. One went as far as to say with modern refrigeration there is now never a need for a sea burial


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