Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is an American? Part I

Well, there is a question I had not thought about?  I was an American....but other than the fact I was born in the United would anyone know?  The first time I thought about this question was many years ago sitting in a college classroom.  The question was one of those that just forced me to look at myself, my country, and my fellow countrymen in a totally different way.  This was one adventure that changed my outlook on not just my country, but also the world...and inevitably myself.

As a Security Police Training Instructor I had learned how to formulate questions to evaluate different aspects of that job.  One thing I learned in creating those questions is that the question reveals much more than an individuals knowledge...that truth is hard to explain in the space of a small I will not try...just think about it.

In verbal communications...face to face...Humans are able to express much more meaning than is possible in written form. For instance: "What is a duck"?  If you saw that question on a written test you would likely attempt to describe a duck.  If someone said this on the phone in a dismissive manner, you would think they may dislike ducks.  In a face to face encounter they may grimace while saying it and that might lead you to believe that to them a duck is disgusting.  Why is that even important?  It is because of the person who asked "What is an American"?

19 Months.


  1. All but "Anonymous" who post on this Blog.

  2. I am an American. I believe in the constitution and the bill of rights. I believe all men/woman/people are created equal, what they do with their lives disturbs me.

    I am proud to be an American.

    Unfortunately I am not proud of how America is behaving these days. If we want to get involved in other countries civil wars, why not Dafar and Sudan? Because they have no oil??Because they are "black"??

    Our President embarrasses me on a daily basis. He is so aloof and bows to other countries. This disturbs me.

    Our leaders seem to not be in touch with the "people". Do they understand how inflation is touching the people? Do they know what it is like to fill their cars with $3.77 gas and pay 4 bucks for a loaf of bread?

    Something must be done to get this great country under control. Wiser people than I may know the answer. I'M WAITING.

    OK I'll get off the cross now someone else may need the wood.

  3. Haven't seen Anon for a day or two Marine, maybe he found a girlfriend, boyfriend whatever?

  4. What's wrong with having a girlfriend and a boyfriend?


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