Friday, April 8, 2011

Can NYC trump Chicago

Since the after Obama's election in 2008 there has been media speculation about who the GOP Nominee would be in 2012. 

There's an old line that every Representative and Senator in DC see a President when they look in the mirror. 

I think over the last two years the media has named most of them, at least most of the Republicans anyway, as possibilities.  Seems every time a Republican went on a talk show, made a speech, surprised people by winning an election or visited Iowa the media decided he or she was the rising star that would take on Obama.

There was even some brief speculation about General McChrystal, and a couple times I heard General Peterus mentioned.  Most of the media chatter was about elected officials.  After all it has to be a professional politician, no non politician has won the the presidency since Eisenhower.  Even Reagan had switched from acting to politics years before he became President.

A couple days ago the media and the GOP got a shock, a  NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Donald Trump tied for second place with Mike Huckabee, both at 17 percent, just behind Romney.  Trump holds the lead among people who identify themselves as TEA Party..

Roughly the time the poll came came out, I was in a private message marathon with about forty other people on another forum about who had the best change of forcing Obama into retirement.

I'm not sure if anyone knew about the poll yet or not, if so no one mentioned it.  I don't recall if anyone even mentioned Gingrich.  Everyone likes Sarah Palin, no one seemed to like the idea of President Palin.   The conversation shifted to the pros and cons of frontrunners Huckabee and Romney and most importantly which one had the best chance to send Obama back to Chicago. 

Then someone mentioned Donald Trump.  Yes he has negitives and they where mentioned, but the tone of the discussion changed.  It was no longer a matter of voting for someone just because that someone had the best chance of beating Obama. 

People seemed to think Trump could not only beat Obama, he'd be someone they wanted as President.


  1. I forgot to mention, the most excitement I saw during the conversation was when some suggested Lefty Greene. Lefty, who has posted here several times, was by far the most popular of the longshots...

  2. I like the idea of sending him back to Kenya, Chicago is too close...

    I heard a radio report this morning that Mr. Trump has hired private investigators to visit HI in an effort to assist obama in locating his missing birth credentials... Now that's leadership.

  3. The issue with Trump is that nobody knows his position on the issues yet.

    It's easy (easier) to be popular as long as that is the case. See what happens to him once his opinions are known; both within the GOP and also vis-a-vis Obama.

  4. PS I also think that wasting time on the Obama birth certificate is counterproductive and self-destructive for a candidate.

  5. Yishai,

    The Truth is important and an imposter or a fraud as the President of the United States matters, whether he was born in Kenya, Moscow or Mars.

    Trump doesn't ask questions, that he doesn't already have a pretty high chance of already having the answer. He's not smarter than us, just a well bred and seasoned risk taker. President Fancy Pants does not have any of these attributes.

    Yishai, no that's a cool name!

  6. Yishai, you've mentioned that Americans tend to be independent, and have a fondness for Tom Clancy type heros. The support Trump's getting validates your point. He a no BS tough guy.

    His investigations into Hawaii may be a high risk venture, if he's right, he's the next president, almost by default. If he's wrong he looks like a fool, maybe. or just maybe he forces Obama's hand.. If Trump becomes the candidate, Obama will have little choice except to put up, or shut-up

  7. Although I like Trump's tough talk on China, he has managed to bankrupt at least 3 different companies he once owned. I admire his choices in women, but not yet ready to entrust him with our country. Some of his friends are also highly suspect. (Perez Hilton)

  8. When Obama get's finished we may need a president with bankruptcy experience...

    No, in all honesty that may be the biggest negitive he has... A president with questionable friends? After Obama they'd have to be real questionable to matter..

    The one life-long friend Obama claims, a guy he was supposed to have gone to school with in Hawaii was just arrested for soliciting a prostitute... Obama and Michelle attented a barbraque at his house the last time they were in Hawaii

  9. Yeah, I saw that. Wonder if he has the birth certificate safely tucked away? :)

  10. Pretty sure he stuck with the chicken, or goat.

  11. Having been married & divorce three times and "thinking" aaaaaaaaboutt it again (keyboard's shaking), I would much rather see Trump's prenuptial agreement than Barry O's birth certificate.

    You gotta believe that if Donald is in the game, he's holding a Trump card somewhere.

  12. Did you ever think there might be some other reason that B.O. does not want his original birth cert. revealed? Let's see, what other information might be contained therein?

  13. The one life-long friend Obama claims, a guy he was supposed to have gone to school with in Hawaii was just arrested for soliciting a prostitute...

    Prostitution is legal in Washington, he probably forgot.

    Are you sure it was a bar b Q and not a Ho Down?

  14. His father's actually Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton?

  15. SonsOfLiberty4eva and Grumpyelder,

    Of course the truth is important. But as Grumpyelder pointed out, it is a huge political risk for a candidate to invest the time and energy in that issue. It certainly won't help with the media, and it will turn off many potential swing voters, who, right or wrong, see the "birthers" as fringe.

    IMHO, sticking to the fundamentals, the issues- first and foremost the economy, as well as others, is the way to do it. It isn't as if there's a lack of tangibles on which to attack Obama.


    As to my name, thanks- I'll pass it on to my mother. FYI- The English translation is Jesse.


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