Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bernanke's stooge; Obama

In a world where cartoon bears on utube are the most accurate source of information anything is possible..

sad but true.

I'm glad the first time many of you first met those bears was right here.

The story line may be funny, the reality isn't.  Quantitative easing, TARP and Stimulus saved the big banks from their own failures at our expense.  Now the banks are speculating in oil futures with Federal Reserve Funds.  The cost of, food and energy are off the scale..

A few days ago at a Winn Dixie Supermarket here in Florida I took a look at some of the prices..

They had Beef Roasts, averaging 6 to 7 pounds...nice looking chunks of beef, they should be, at seventy to eighty dollars a roast..  I'd wanted to buy a piece of meat, not the whole damned cow.

Tomatoes were at $3.99 a pound. so much for having a salad with the roast I'd decided not to buy.  I can remember buying them at five dollars a half bushel

Green Peppers at a buck each... reds a lot more.  Doesn't seem like that long ago when a framer in Pine Island New York sold 'em to me at 59 cents a pound, red or green because..  "red ones ain't nuthin but the ones got ripe" He aslo told me his scale was off when six pepers weighed in at a pound.. saying "Scales off, everybody knows takes seven peppers to make a pound"  I couldn't see any reason to argue... 

With milk at over six dollars a gallon I wondered how my grandson was going to like  beer... with the frozen pizza that was on sale..

What's the problem? If you can't afford four dollar gas,
 just go buy an Obamacar.. For $50,000
Over two million miles or so it will pay for itself



  1. Not that I am ready to go "All In" on the Libertarian ticket, but I do like Rep. Pauls ideas on the Fed and Economics.


  2. There's more to being President than the Budget and Figuring out what to do about the Federal Reserve... Woodrow Wilson found that out..

    I'm not sure about Paul having the keys to the White House but I'd like to see him with an office there.

  3. Grumpy - Me as well. He is kind of an amateur like barry on all things International or Defense related.

  4. Right about now a Barry Goldwater type would be great for foreign policy... Someone who would't have to do more than growl

  5. Still thinking Ambassador John Bolton should give it a go.

  6. That would be the Goldwater type personality


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