Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who decides, Congress or the UN

Before there are any misunderstandings, Muammar Gaddadfi is a terrorist, for years going all the way back to the Nixon years he supported and financed terrorist activities against the United States and other countries.

He committed what amounted to acts of war against the US during the presidencies of Carter, Reagan and Bush Senior. In 1984 Gaddafi started financing terrorist acts inside the U.S. One of the leading groups receiving Gaddafi's money was the Nation of Islam.   Al-Rakr, another Libyan-financed gang in Chicago, declared in 1984 that it was preparing for a "race war" to "settle scores with whites".  An interesting side note;  In 1984 Obama's old minister accompanied Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakan to meet with Gaddadfi

Muammur Gaddadfi also financed terrorism, bobing and bombing plots in Germany,  Palestine, Indonesia, Australia, Ireland and too many other places to list.

Closer to Libya he was involved in the civilian massacres Sierra Leon.  He intervened militarily in the Central African Republic in 2001 to protect his ally Ange-Félix Patassé.   Gaddadfi  also Ethiopia's Mengistu Haile Mariam, who was later convicted of one of the deadliest genocides in modern history.  His troops fought  against Tanzania on behalf of Idi Amin

I can only imagine how he treated his own peopleIf he gets killed today, as far as I'm concerned, it's forty years overdue.

Even so I'm not totally comfortable with the way the No Fly Resolution came about, it's goals or the way it's being implemented.  First of all, why did it take forty years to for the wold to decide the SOB had to go?  Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had the means and the justification to do it years ago. Bush Sr. took a couple shots at him, and let the matter drop.

The UN Resolution, to Create and enforce a no fly zone to prevent Gaddadfi from killing civilians, seems to have different meanings to different Countries.  It's clear that some of the Euro Powers, it means to take him out, end his regime and if he's still alive when it's over, hang him.  Others seem to think it's sole purpose is limited to preventing air attacks and bombing of civilians.  What happens if the rebels start killing Gaddadfi supporters?  Worse, what happens if Gaddadfi wins?  It's not completely clear where Barack Obama stands, and he's too busy playing soccer in Brazil with his kids to tell the American People much.


The Arab League seems to be flip flopping.  They were for it before they were against it and (as of this moment) are for it again. If they really are for it, their actions aren't showing it.  Not a single aircraft from one of the Arab Nations supporting the No Fly Zone has been involved in the air strikes or even patrolling the Air Space now that the US and Europeon Nations have secured the airspace and disabled Gaddadfi's air defenses.  One of the big reasons the resolution passed the UN is because the Arab League supported wanted it, so why aren't they helping?  If this backfires it wouldn't be hard for them to spin it into western aggression against Islam, something they can't do if they play an active role.

Then there is Barack Obama position on the entire affair.  Since when does a President of the United States tell the world he's committed American forces by traveling to another country. to make the announcement?  He knew when he left for Brazil on Friday he was about to put the lives of American Service Members in jepordy.  For all practicle purposes he left the explainations up to the media.   The War Powers Act requires the President to explain a military action to Congress within 48 hours of involving US troops.  The president managed to avoid that detail because he was in Brazil, on Thursday he sent aids to explain the situation to Congressional Leaders..

Dick Luger R-Ind pointed out that unlike Bush, before the Iraq Invasion, Obama had not even asked Congress for a resloution supporting the action.  In fact Obama seems to have decided the UN Resolution supercedes the need for Congressional Approval

At least six countries in the Middle East are going through un precidented civil unrest at the moment, long time dictators and royal famillies don't give up pwer willingly, with that in mind, how dangerous is this precideent?


  1. Extremely dangerous! Can you say from the beginning of his "reign" as the Emperor with no clothes, the word "Czars"? Half of them had to resign, over time, due to being exposed as typical Chicago thugs and gangsters from Obama's past. The purpose - to by-pass Congress. But, what can we expect from a man who ignores our Constitution, implements socialist medicine, and too many numerous policies that would have had the worse of America's president impeached long before now.
    Now, here's the kicker about this fine mess Obama has brought on all by himself without the ability to blame Bush for this "new" war and that is, from reports pouring out of other Conservative sites, there is more than Obama's past relationships with Gaddafi. It has been brought up more than once that the rebels attempting to overthrow Gaddafi actually are the most extreme Islamist terrorists, with ties to Iran and other Muslim terrorist groups.
    If this is true, Libya will be in the hands of those connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are connected to Iran and it is Iran everyone should have been anxious to "free" from terrorism. Why?
    Because Iran is gaining foothold in Egypt and Yemen, through its al-Quada and Brotherhood organizations. They will, if not stopped, take over the entire Middle East, except for Israel. They will have Libay handed to them on a silver plater, by none other than the West, through our own military, used by Obama ... without a peep of objection from our Congress.

  2. HAARP Did you see it? Read it? Understand it" Want to talk about it? Isn't it crazy? Give me a call or talk about it on here if you dare.

  3. A footnote: Our president has been wining and dining in Brazil this weekend. You might like to read the following:
    Brazil was wined and dined in Iran last May, 2010 and made a "nuclear" deal with Iran and Turkey.
    This is the country our President is holding up as a symbol of a "model" democracy in South America! Keep connecting the dots as to where our president feels comfortable, welcomed and it all has to do with foreign policies that are unacceptable to the Untied States.
    After Brazil hugged Iran's leaders, its president came home and shortly thereafter, announced that he was in agreement with the UN's push for the Palestinian "two-state" principle; and then, other South American countries joined the bandwagon.
    Is Obama a friend to Israel? No! Neither are the folks he's visiting. But they are all friends with Iran's leaders and who knows, there is an agenda with our president that has not completely been played out yet - not yet.
    Congress is sleeping - don't wake them up!

  4. HAARP Did you see it? Read it? Understand it" Want to talk about it? Isn't it crazy? Give me a call or talk about it on here if you dare
    Talk to me


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