Friday, March 25, 2011

Two (or three) of the best explainations for Libya

How do you explain a president who goes on a sightseeing vacation in another country so he'll be a safe distance away when he tells the folks back home he started a war in thier name?  Better yet, how do you explain the explainations he's given?

 Got me by the, err.............

...... here's a couple one of the best explainaions I've seen yet.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Adam Garfinkle

To all appearances, U.S. foreign policy in the Obama Administration has now definitively gone down the rabbit hole. It is intoxicated with an advanced form of Wilsonian madness, one shorn of all sensitivity to the consequences of the U.S. government’s behavior. Like Alice with her pills, some things are getting or will soon get bigger—risks, mission definition and casualty figures on the ground in Libya—while others are getting smaller—our reservoir of good options, our stock of common sense and our peace of mind.

I do not invoke Lewis Carroll lightly. I do so in this case for a special reason: words we thought we all understood have now become encrusted with bizarre new meanings, or no meanings at all, as if our vocabulary has been hexed by Humpty Dumpty himself. Let me ask President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes and the rest of the crew (not to exclude accomplices like Nicholas Sarkozy, David Cameron, Ban Ki-Moon and the execrable Amr Moussa) that has steered us into this gratuitous mess, to define “civilian” for me. What does it mean, folks? Does it include fairly well organized groups of Libyans attacking in formation with machine guns mounted on flatbed pick-up trucks? Apparently so, to some spellbound souls. This turns the Clinton Administration’s amusing little tiff over what “is” is into truly small change as America’s language follies go.

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Obama’s Libyan Adventure: What’s In It For Him?
Posted on March 21, 2011 by Bob Mack

It’s disconcerting. Hallucinogenic, even. If I didn’t know better, I might suspect that some aging refugee hipster from the Haight had slipped into my cupboard and dropped a tab of vintage acid in my  jar of chicory coffee.  You see, for once I find myself agreeing with left-wing moonbats like Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore. But before you suggest that I make an emergency visit to the Bad Trips Tent, listen up: Both Dennis the Menace and  the Fatso Film Maker accurately point out that neither our Boy Blunder ‘president’ nor the damnable United Nations have any statutory authority to commit the military forces of the United States to combat without the consent of the American citizen, as expressed through his/her duly elected representatives in Congress.

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  1. Surreal indeed, take the red pill. EXCELLENT post my friend and extremely well said. The Obama administration is off somewhere TRIPPING and while they're at it, they're sending the planet to hell.

  2. It was interesting to see kucinich and Newt on the same page. That has to be a first.

  3. i loved the white rabbit video. i had to play it again , it was a great song, i remember WHEN. THE DRUMS OF WAR in vietnam were beating in the background. oded

  4. Oded, people are worried about you, send me an email so I can update them

  5. I took the little triangular blue pill does that one say Viagra dahling? Wot about the other little round blue pill babe, do you think might be the Ambien. Oh and the LSD ought be blend well before the flight. You know dahling the flight to Tokyo is 14 hours. We'll be fine in the radiation suits. Did ja know they was made in North Korea. Oh hubby, I don't think thats a good thing the North Koreans dodn't like the Nipons at all, Lets go ask Alice when shes quite tall.


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